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  1. We are distributing the Evernote Linux client (repackaged) as a Debian version on Github. Do I need the rpm version too?
  2. @Mish_Is_Too_Busy, @마즈다보이 Whenever a new version for Windows comes out, I rebuild it as deb and distribute it. It's just repackaging, and the application is like an Evernote Windows/Mac distribution program. You can download it below. https://github.com/search5/Evernote-for-Linux/releases
  3. You can download and use the Evernote app for Linux from Releases · search5/Evernote-for-Linux (https://github.com/search5/Evernote-for-Linux/releases). Although it is not an official distribution app, it is a repackage of a Windows app, so if it is officially distributed, it will have a similar form.
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