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  1. @TheCueball Interesting... Glad to hear you got an invite. I still haven't.
  2. Sounds like my history. Started back in the mid 90's. After a few months of breaking it and reinstalling, I finally decided that when I broke it, I'd learn how to fix it instead of a fresh install. And that decision was the day that changed my future. Have been using it ever since both personally and professionally. My how things have changed though. Used to also compile everything from source (even had an affair with Gentoo for a while) but now I just accept the convenience of using the precompiled binaries for most software. Thanks to individuals like @jiho lee such conveniences exist. Know what you're saying about OneNote. I'm forced to use Windows as my desktop OS at work, and got used to OneNote too. As much as I didn't want to like it, I ended up appreciating it and then looking for a similar solution for my personal life. I too just started using the Evernote desktop app for linux, so cant really comment just yet. But so far, so good! Its based on Electron, so essentially web technology bundled into a desktop platform. Post back what you think about it if you get a chance. Would like to hear your thoughts.
  3. @jiho lee Thank you for packaging the app for linux. Its greatly appreciated. Just installed and works great! I had been using Joplin for note taking, simply because I wanted a native app instead of a web app. Had been holding out on paying for a full Evernote account because of the lack of a linux client. But now that there is one, I have no reason to not get the full account! Thank you!
  4. Thank you both for the response. I was attempting to download while using my linux laptop, with the intention of copying over to multiple Windows laptops. I was expecting the opportunity to select which installer I want, but it appears the page automatically chooses for one and doesn't provide a list when nothing matches the current OS, etc. I changed my user agent string and now am downloading. Thanks for the responses!
  5. Hello all, I am trying to download the Evernote client direct from Evernote, without being forced through an app store. I see plenty of mentions of going to https://evernote.com/download , but when there, all I see are links to the three app stores. I'm sure I'm missing something, as even official Evernote posts seem to indicate direct downloading is possible. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  6. TomWitt: Thank you! Downloaded and installing now. Much obliged.
  7. Mish: I too deal with ADD, and I'd forget my name if I wasn't making notes... Historically I used 3x5 cards. Then I started using OneNote at work, and Evernote on my phone. Definitely helps me stay on track. No longer medicated here, so I need all the help I can get. PinkElephant: Maybe I'll have to give the web client another chance. Thank you both!
  8. Greetings! I have been a user of Evernote for a number of years now. It's a great product. In my work life, I am forced to use Windows on my workstation, and am provided with OneNote. At first I was resistant, but since Evernote is blocked by corporate policy, I gave it a shot. And I came to find that a native application such as OneNote on Windows is amazing. I know Evernote offers native clients for Windows, and Mac, and Android, and iOS... But you are missing one major player... Linux.... In my personal life, I use Linux on all of my boxes. And as I'm sure you are aware, native note taking apps for Linux are woefully lacking. Evernote's web app is handy, and is moderately usable. But in all honesty, it does not compare to something like the native OneNote client. And to be fair, the OneNote web app does not compare to a native app, either. I can't say I have any experience with your native Windows app, since I don't have any desire to run Windows at home. I joined the Evernote Early Access Program, hoping that I could be a part of beta testing a Linux client. And to my disappointment, it doesn't seem that any such beta testing is ongoing, as I've not been contacted by the EAP team. My suggestion/request is this... Please release a native Linux client for Evernote. We need a decent note-taking application. You could fill that void. The Linux market is not as niche as it used to be, and even non-technical users are starting to make the switch. Take advantage of that. I would have been paying for Evernote's Premium service for years now, if you offered a Linux client. I'd pay the yearly fee right now without pausing. I'm betting I'm not the only person who would happily do so. Thank you for your time and consideration!
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