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  1. Thanks @jiho lee, I - and I'm sure many others - appreciate this service to the Linux community!
  2. Thanks TomWitt! I'll give it a try!
  3. It seems like its on the way! That is, at least according to a blog post I saw from last year and some forum posts I just saw with a search. I also use Linux all day every day in my personal life as well as my life as a PhD student (the boundaries between these are often blurry 😅). Since I'm at home all the time (studying via distance + Melbourne lockdown), the Web App is all I can use. Installing it from the Snap store was definitely a breeze but I'm eager for a native app as I've never used one for Evernote. I signed up and started using Evernote pretty recently and am really happy with it so far. There are plenty of features I could see really making my life easier if they were added, but for now I'm just so happy to have an app like this. As someone who was diagnosed and medicated with ADHD recently after years of struggling with a variety of mental health issues caused in-part by disorganisation and focussing problems, a tool like Evernote honestly has had some life-changing ramifications! All this to say, I 100% agree and would like to add my support to Evernote releasing a native Linux client soon. I've also signed up for the beta on Linux but I'm guessing they aren't taking too many new testers as I haven't heard anything. If an Evernote dev sees this though, I'd be more than happy to help and provide suggestions! I'm a Computer Science PhD student with a background in web development and data science who relies on the program a lot, so I might be a useful test subject!
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