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  1. I just opened a support ticket. Funny thing, this is the first time I've ever had an issue with Evernote; yet, my level of trust has dropped. I bought into the idea of remembering everything. How can I do that if I cannot trust that the information will be there? One thing that has bothered me during the past year or so is the huge influx of new features. EN is getting bloated.
  2. Recently, I had a local notebook sync some new notes to the Evernote cloud, creating that supposedly "local" notebook in the online version of Evernote. I'm Premium by the way. So when I deleted the online version of the "local" notebook, the "local" version of that notebook deleted and all my notes synced to the Evernote cloud. I lost 15 notes in this process. I mainly use Evernote as a repository for all my files. Luckily, I've kept all the same files in folders on my hard drive for the past three years. Recently, I planned to delete them, since I use Evernote exclusively. I think
  3. GrumpyMonkey, I agree with your logic. You forgot one step.... -> pure happiness, contentment and bliss.
  4. Definitely! But keep in mind that EN also gives far more than $45 of value in the free version. I upgraded to premium after one month. I love it.
  5. It should be noted that if you run the PDF optimizer on Acrobat it will automatically OCR for you at the same time that it optimizes. Furthermore, I've discovered that this combined process is a lot faster than having snapscan do the OCR and then seperately allowing Acrobat to optimize. The resultant file size is much smaller. I should mention that I do all this in a folder that I call "PDF holding" which I have elected as my default folder in all of my SnapScan profiles. After I have done all my tweaking, optimizing, page shuffling etc in this folder I save it as a "reduced size pdf" dire
  6. Johnny, You could get a ScanSnap. Fast ADF. Scan to PDF with OCR. 2 cents.
  7. My work flow includes the use of the following tools: Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro for Mac (included with scanner) Evernote (free version) 1. Scan to high quality PDF 2. OCR in Acrobat Pro 3. Optimize in Acrobat Pro 4. Save in a single folder on local hard drive titled something like "OCR & Evernote" 5. Copy to Evernote and sync File sizes are 1/10 or smaller of the original size and the Acrobat OCR is superior to ABBYY FineReader for Mac and PDF OCR X per my trials. Also, Acrobat 9 Pro for Mac works great on my Mac running Lion (10.7.3). I also like to see the archived P
  8. So I understand your process, the PDF is scanned into an Evernote note first; and then you right click on the PDF located in the Evernote program and click "open with Adobe Acrobat"?
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