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  1. In outlook when you "reply to" a message or "reply all" to a message, it captures who the email was from and who the email was to, including CC fields. If you add new emails in the cc: or message field, it would not capture the added recipients information. I'm not familiar with Zimbra email. You may want to inquire on their website or support number regarding capturing email headers in a reply. I actually did a lot of searching this weekend to find any sort of workaround, for any client, and had no luck. Headers where hidden to remove exactly the type of information you want to capture
  2. I've thought about this quite a lot this weekend. Maybe we are over complicating the solution. What email client do you use? All you really want to do is capture email addresses and the content of the message, correct?
  3. If you use the forward option here are the Pros and Cons: Pros The header automatically shows up in your email body.Each person associated with that email has their email address listed in the header. The date of the LAST email sent is associated with the email message.Cons You have to remove the FW: and add RE: in the subject line ManuallyIf a customer(s) sends a message on Monday and you respond by forwarding the message on Wednesday, the header date will be from Monday not Wednesday.You would need to copy and paste each person listed in the header to the TO: and CC: fields.If you have t
  4. Thanks Garnold. In your example a typical email note would be the following: In this example your note title is "RE: Widget Pricing" and the email body is the note content. Now for the headers. I'm assuming you want the customers email address etc? like the following example. Is the above example containing the header information what you would like to see?
  5. Garnold- When you forward the note are you using the following method in the subject line? Title of Email or Note !tomorrow @Email #tag1 #tag2 Title of Email or Note subject: What your note will be called!tomorrow: Sets a reminder for tomorrow. Ignore this if it is not needed.@Email: The name of the notebook you wish to associate your email with.#tag1 and #tag2: Any tags you wish to associate with your note.If you do use the !, @, # sybols, they must be in that order.You can always ignore the !, @ and # symbols and the note will go directly to your default notebook with the Title being
  6. Stop the App addiction. Just because it can be done, does not mean it should be done.

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