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  1. I have noticed that there is now an option to copy note link for the web beta app and I remember trying it once a week or two ago which seemed like it worked. Currently when I try this it gives a notification that the not link has be copied to the clip board but I can't paste it. I am working from a chromebook. I tested this on Ubuntu - Chrome browser and it works so it seems like there is a problem connecting with the copy function on Chrome OS Also, YAY FOR NOTE LINKS in web app!!!!!!!
  2. I want to be able to link to other notes that are related (kinda like a wiki) or the next step in a process that deserves its own note as well as making Table of Contents note for notebooks that links to and adds structure to a notebook. Evernote has this only for the desktop clients, I don't use either Windows or Mac and I would like to be able to do this on a browser anyways.
  3. I like how much faster this new interface is. I still need to be able to do note to note links on the web client as I do not have windows or mac.
  4. When will note to note links be coming? I thought this would be in the next version.
  5. Gock, Table of contents links to sections of the same note don't seem to work on evernote web app. (specifically the welcome to marixco note) any idea when links to other notes (hopefully any note not just the ones created in marixco) will be possible? This would complete everything I need evernote to do that marixco has picked up. This is a really great app, thanks for putting this together.
  6. I would just like to ask when full pdf annotation capability might be available? I know people have asked this before but it seems like it has just been put on the back burner. This would be a powerful tool for many different disciplines, especially for schools and academia. I feel like this deserves more attention than it is getting or maybe there is a technical reason for the delay...anyways thanks for your time.
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