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  1. I've been doing this! I've been keeping a file!
  2. This thread has blown my mind. Thanks Don!
  3. Been doing much more scanning today and am LOVING THIS. It satisfies some need deep inside of me to preserve history, no matter how trivial that history might seem to others.
  4. Awesome. Yes, I'm doing this as well.Mom and Dad are both gone now, but they left behind an immense amount of handwritten notes, typewritten notes, letters, cards and postcards they had received over the many decades. So, I'm scanning ALL OF THEM into Evernote to share with family. It is such a relief knowing that they won't sit stagnant in a box anymore.
  5. (first post!) Over the years, my children have made hundreds and hundreds of drawings for my wife and I. We always treasure them, but, have found it very difficult to keep track of them. Eventually, they pile up on the desk, get stuffed in a drawer, or lost and thrown away. Not anymore! I now scan them into Evernote for permanent keeping! As the day, or week comes to a close, I take any drawings my children have made, scan them into Evernote, tag them or file them into the appropriate folder, and then I can put it in a box, or even throw it away if I need to. When they're older, they'll thank
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