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  1. Thanks for the info. Perhaps a family option will be available in the future?
  2. I'm a Premium user but my wife and children are basic users. How can I get them to be Premium users as well and I pay for all of it? If I understand Evernote Business, it allows employees to share with each other in more dynamic ways. How can this be set up for a family while we each retain our individual, personal accounts?
  3. For now, I'm just photographing items and emailing them to my Evernote.
  4. I am truly bummed that I can't use Evernote. That was one of my main reasons for searching out a smarter phone than the one I had. And now I can't use Evernote for mobile. I'm stuck with the desktop version as I have been for 3 1/2 years. I know it's not your problem, I'm just venting. The Motorola MB300, the phone I have, is not listed as a supported device for the Google Play store which is where the Evernote app is, right?
  5. Just got an MB300, my first modern smartphone! Immediately went to download the Evernote app and found, much to my dismay, that the Google Play store is not compatible with this model, the MB300. Just my luck. Anyone know of this issue or of a workaround?
  6. (Evernote user since June, 2009) I just came here to post that many times, I don't feel like organizing. I'm a piler, not a filer, and my physical desk shows that. On my left, I've got about 10 CDs that I've either listened to recently or will listen to soon. Right behind me, I've still got vinyl records out that I listened to three days ago. Also on my desk are some rocks from the beach trip last week, a hammer, condiments, and a whole lot of odds and ends. My point is, I'm typically an unorganized person, and I'm ok with that. Sure, there are periods of time where I get real organized, but it only last so long. This is where Evernote comes in. I made a habit early this year that whenever paper came across my path, whether it be a bill, a notice, an account summary, artwork from my children, a photograph, a letter I received, or daily stuff like business cards and handwritten notes, ALL of it gets scanned immediately and it goes in Evernote. I keep a file on my desktop and once I scan an item, I save it to that file and Evernote imports it automagically! So, I don't tag much in Evernote these days, nor do I keep many notebooks, but stuff does go in there, A LOT, and when I need it, I do a quick search and can bring it up. And then, occasionally, I'll go in and file it. Just the other day, my wife asked for an old water bill. FOUND IT! Evernote rocks.
  7. So, I think you all will love this one. (oh, and BTW, sorry I haven't posted in a while, just haven't needed to) Recently, I've been doing tons of work at discogs.org, cataloging music releases and loving every minute of it. So, I got the bug of documenting things and learned more about the work of the Internet Archive.. Known best for their Wayback Machine, they are also in the business of archiving non-copyrighted materials. So, guess what I've been doing? I've been searching my house for old materials that are in the public domain and scanning them, page by page, and then uploading them in one big PDF to archive.org AND simultaneously uploading them to Evernote. Just another way that Evernote and the Internet Archive can help me, and all of us, and the world, AND future world citizens. Books that were previously not available on the internet, are now available to internet users WORLDWIDE and not only to them, but my future generations because I also cataloged in Evernote which they will get when I die.
  8. Excellent, thank you. I sync every day, so that shouldn't be a problem. I have no unsynchronized notebooks. I will backup that file onto a DVD, good idea. Thanks!
  9. It looks like I might be without a computer for awhile. If I uninstall Evernote before I lose PC access, will everything still be on the web version? Then, when I get a new PC, I can just reinstall Evernote, right? I have a paid account.
  10. This post makes no sense to me. I am "Premium" as well and have no problems with the search, both with typewritten text and handwritten text. Also, I've never seen it highlight a "blank area" before.
  11. I haven't forgotten about this, still thinking about it.
  12. Had to pay a bill this morning. It required logging into a website that I rarely log in to. Evernote to the rescue again. Searched my "account info" folder, grabbed the username and password, and away I went.
  13. Are you a paid user? If not, that's your answer. For a measly 5 bucks a month, you can search your handwritten notes.
  14. So, I want to continue using Evernote for everything in my life, which includes my vinyl LP collection. Now, I do use discogs.com for cataloguing my collection, but, they don't have everything I have. Yes, I could submit missing titles to them, but it takes time, so I'll save that for rainy days. This brings me back to my vinyl collection. What's the best way to enter it into Evernote? The jackets are too big for my scanner. Should I just take a picture of the front and back of each jacket and then merge relevant notes? I don't think it would take too long, with a family assistant, to run through my entire collection and take a photo of each. Thoughts?
  15. Problem solved. I was logging out and in of Evernote Web and had totally forgotten to log out and in of the Clipper itself. That did the trick.
  16. Yes, logged out and logged back in. Also rebooted Chrome. So, that's a good idea, I'll uninstall the extension and reinstall.
  17. I use Chrome and never have a problem with the Web Clipper, but today, it won't work. Anyone else having this issue? https://www.evernote.com/shard/s11/sh/87f47715-f10d-4500-aeb0-5358ae69a2be/4e76134bd4b6a5a0a1ffbc4e44e87d1d
  18. I've heard some say that Evernote has REPLACED their calendar. Is this possible? Did I hear it right? For instance, I was in town the other day and saw a concert poster for a concert coming up in mid-May. I took a photo and sent it to my Evernote. Then, I FORGOT ABOUT IT! Just now, I remember seeing that poster and was glad I did because other times, I've missed concerts and events simply because I forgot. So, do I still need to use my calendar along with Evernote, or is there a way to turn Evernote into a "calendar" too?
  19. And, if anyone's wondering, yes, I've done this, and yes, it works. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to find a good majority of the restaurants around you and download their menus.
  20. Go to all the restaurant websites in your town Download all their menus (most are in PDF nowadays) to your special Evernote folder When you do, Evernote will import them If they don't have PDF menus, just clip the menu portion of their site Apply tags or put in special folders if needed Now, whenever you're hungry, just go to Evernote and type "pizza" or "sushi" or even be specific like "artichoke" or "barbacoa", and see what restaurant menu comes up! Now you know where to eat tonight, or any night! No more searching restaurants in your area and wasting time going from site to site!
  21. I've been doing this! I've been keeping a file!
  22. IIRC, I used Calibre (free) to convert a couple of PDFs to a different format (mobi? ePub?) that was MUCH easier to read on my Kindle 3 than the PDF version. I'll have to check into this when I get home. the problem is usually formatting, but if you have a pretty straightforward file, this is the way to go! If Calibre can convert my PDFs to anything easier to read on the Kindle, I'd be excited to learn that. I await your response.
  23. kindle dx works well with pdfs. it is way overpriced and runs pathetically outdated software, but it was the device that got me excited about going paperless, because it finally offered an enjoyable platform for reading. pdfs look fabulous on the ipad. i like them on android tablets too. yeah, i know some people will never enjoy these devices, but i gotta say i do If I could, I'd have lots of tablets around the house. Even the Kindle I got was a gift.Want to send me your old tablet? For science of course! LOL
  24. OK, time for my two cents. I LOVE my Kindle! However, I'm not prepared to scan my books for use with my Kindle. One big reason is that they will become PDFs and PDFs do not look good o my Kindle. They are way too small to read. And, if I zoom in, I then have to scroll around on the page just to read it. Now, if you all are talking about scanning them so that they can be read on screen, that's a no go for me as well. I just don't like reading copious amounts of material on a computer screen.
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