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  1. Cheers for the quick response. So its a limitation, is it possible to use the api to write a custom exporter? Can the api control the note links? If possible I might try writing my own exporter. How would I import the notes though? As I understand the only way to import is to write a converter to enex, which again would null all my links right? No workarounds then? Joe.
  2. Hi everyone I use Evernote quite extensively, I have a premium account and end up uploading a lot of data, mostly .zip and images. I have my own way of using Evernote, I found thats how it works anyway because you have this open canvas almost and you are set to figure out how to make use of it. This is great and I have a cool system but the problem is I want to make use of exporting to a .enex file. As you may know that's the native Evernote export database, and if you want you can export notebooks or your entire system. My set up is like this: I don't use search that much, I don't use tags a
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