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  1. Cheers for the quick response. So its a limitation, is it possible to use the api to write a custom exporter? Can the api control the note links? If possible I might try writing my own exporter. How would I import the notes though? As I understand the only way to import is to write a converter to enex, which again would null all my links right? No workarounds then? Joe.
  2. Hi everyone I use Evernote quite extensively, I have a premium account and end up uploading a lot of data, mostly .zip and images. I have my own way of using Evernote, I found thats how it works anyway because you have this open canvas almost and you are set to figure out how to make use of it. This is great and I have a cool system but the problem is I want to make use of exporting to a .enex file. As you may know that's the native Evernote export database, and if you want you can export notebooks or your entire system. My set up is like this: I don't use search that much, I don't use tags and have about two notebooks. All of my organizing comes from note links, You know the ones where you right click and copy note-link, and then paste that into a new note. That's it, my entire Evernote system is based on note links. I really like it and it works for me. I guess my system is like a private website/private wiki/private note system/private journal. Its really useful. Except the size, I need to at some point export some older parts of my system (because some synced computers have low Hard disk space). Moving a ton of notes into another notebook thankfully does not effect my note links. However exporting this for archiving purposes is a huge issue. If you export to enex and then import, every single link will not work Here is the question, is my computer doing something abnormal for evernote. Why does exporting and importing lose every single internal link. You can test this by making just two notes, link one to another and export to enex, and then import, the links will be broken. If this isn't just me, can I submit this as a feature request? I really need to be able to export my notebooks without losing my primary navigation system. Cheers Joseph Goss
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