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  1. BNF, Thanks for your honest assessment. ETA: I'd been on the fence for some time re the instability and user deadzoning. It all feels like that anti-littering PSA where the Native American guy surveys what his beloved landscape has become, then turns toward the camera with a tear rolling down one cheek.
  2. Renewing this feature request. Yes, I fully realize that EN does not publish their dev roadmap but wanted to get this in front of them again anyway.
  3. Join the club. We're having matching blazers made. The feature of marking a note as read only seems like such a small thing but I suppose there are other pressing issues.
  4. There are at least a couple of other threads with this same request, with only crickets in response.
  5. Bump. And I can only image the howling if Evernote Business lacked the ability to lock notes into a read-only mode.
  6. +1 As a database admin, I have a wealth of scripts, checklists and reference info that I stash in Evernote. More than once I've accidentally altered a note and not noticed for weeks, forcing research and correction.
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