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  1. I'm thoroughly confused by the new subscription tiers. I've been a Plus user for years, and currently pay £20 per year. When this renews (in October in my case) it appears the lowest priced option (that isn't the limited Free tier - only 2 devices for a web based service - really?!) is 'Personal' at £55 per year - a 275% price increase with fewer useful features. Is that right or have I missed something?? I also saw something on the website saying that existing users will not lose any current features, though some of these (eg email direct to Evernote, custom templates, digitising business cards) are only available on the Personal/Professional tiers. How does that work? Does anyone know wtf is going on? (appreciate this is a user forum but it seems you can't contact Evernote Support directly about this - only billing or technical issues) Hoping I don't have to transfer my 7+ years of data to another platform... Thanks
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