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  1. Squeaky wheel -- posting again. For those of us who like to format text and layout for clarity, the lack of this feature is truly puzzling. Any serious text processing app has this functionality... Including this forum! (This text cut and pasted from Evernote picks up the style) C'mon Evernote...make this happen. It's ridiculous that it isn't a feature.
  2. I concur -- I actually find this really problematic as I'm continually having to reformat everything I paste. It seems like a small feature, but I bang my head against this all the time -- and my head hurts from it
  3. My view on the "permissions" would be that it is a hierarchy -- everything "below" the stack inherits the same sharing. But I had not considered the other option people might want (you can use stacks to organize various folders which have varying permissions). That's why it's a discussion forum
  4. From an end user standpoint, I fail to understand how having the ability to share a stack would make usability any worse in Evernote....or make it "bloated". Select a stack, right-click, share stack. What about that fundamentally makes Evernote more difficult to use or what built-in UI concept does it break?
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