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  1. I keep seeing an occasional popup dialog box that asks for my Evernote password in order to sync, but the dialog does not identify itself as coming from Evernote. For all I know, some malware wants to trick me into giving it my Evernote password! I have three issues with this: 1) Why does your application, which is running on my home computer, EVER need to ask for my password after the one-time installation? (I also have problems with Windows telling me certain functions are only available to my network administrator--which makes no sense on a home machine, and I suspect the two issues may
  2. Linux KDE Neon using Chromium browser. I installed the "pop-up as tab" extension to overcome the inability to clip popup windows (for whatever reason that escapes me, my bank likes to provide reports in insecure popup windows that I normally block because they can bypass the protection provided by browser extensions). The extension converts all popup windows into tabs that are protected by my security extensions, and that can be clipped by Evernote. After I installed this extension, I attempted to clip the chrome webstore page to save the documentation of how this extension works, and I got th
  3. A frequent problem I encounter is accidentally closing Evernote when I'm trying to minimize the window as I continuously reference information while creating a record. When I accidentally close the program instead of minimizing the window, I immediately get a "syncing" message. I try to cancel that because syncing means an incomplete edit will be replicated, often with misleading information, I don't want to be synced under any circumstances until the editing is finished. However, hitting cancel on that pop-up doesn't prevent syncing, nor does it prevent closing the program. Then I see another
  4. This was an ongoing problem before Windows 10, and it got worse with Windows 10. I agree it's probably due to database size (I have over 27,000 notes), and it is also due to Evernote trying to index WHILE documents are being edited--based on some seriously flawed reasoning about when indexing should occur. Either completely separate indexing functions, and assign a different processor to do it, or don't ever index while the user interface is active. I don't know how Evernote works "under the hood," but when I was a programmer in the 1990s to just prior to 2010, I used a replication datab
  5. I have done that in some cases, but I consider it a poor work-around for a problem that needs a real fix. The reason it is messy to add text to a clipped note is because we cannot do it using HTML code. My suggestion would add a division within the HTML code that would solve the messiness. The text I was wanting to add was for the purpose of ensuring image text would be indexed. I realise tags could accomplish the same goal, but I'm trying to reign in tag complexity so Evernote can run more efficiently on a database with well over 100,000 notes.
  6. My requested feature is an addition to the Evernote top menu. From the top menu, select <Format> From the format menu, select <Paragraph> At the top of the paragraph menu please add <New Paragraph> The purpose of this requested feature is to provide a means to change formatting to manually add content or comments to an existing n
  7. I've been a premium user for many years.This new interface is USELESS!!! It doesn't find anything I search for. I did not request the new interface. I just came up on its own, and I can't find a way to fix it. WORSE, in the "help" section of the program, clicking help takes me to a screen that prompts me to log in, but logging in takes me to the new interface which has no means to reach help. Just now I tired to find my favorite flaxseed pancake recipe to fix for breakfast, and I typed "Flaxseed pancake recipe,' expecting the recipe to be the first response, as it always has been in
  8. By the way, clicking "Help" in the program takes me to a screen that doesn't know I"m a premium user entitled to receive help. So I log in, and suddenly I'm in this useless web interface that has no means to request help.
  9. I've gone back to the old interface every time I"ve tried it..This new interface is USELESS!!! It doesn't find anything I search for. Just now I tired to find my favorite flaxseed pancake recipe to fix for breakfast, and I typed "Flaxseed pancake recipe,' expecting the recipe to be the first response, as it always has been in the past. Instead, I got three spam messages that somehow got into my account, none of which mentioned Flaxseed. So I entered my flaxseed tag, and I got thousands of hits, which was going to take too much time to go though. I tried my recipe tag, and that provided a more
  10. You are correct. I try to be a polite person, but as an American, I feel offended by out-of-context body-part/function references, because they seem to be intended to be disrespectful, whereas random references to violence are such a mundane thing that they don't register in my mind. Real violence would offend me greatly, but I don't comprehend the European response to violence, nor do I understand why that would have something to do with children. Do Europeans imagine talking about violence incites violence? I think we have a whole continent that demonstrates that's not so. Of course, I tend
  11. I need to make a payment on a new account. Generally the quickest way to find account information generally is to look at my scanned receipts. Since I was already in my browser (and I plan to move to Linux where Internet Web is my only current option) I decided to give the new interface another try. In the brief period of time I tried the new interface, these were the issues I encountered. I love your product. I couldn't function without it. I hope these comments are seen as helpful. No dates are displayed (pretty much the most common and most important field I ever look at is the da
  12. Reinstalling Evernote has never been a simple task for me. My SSD boot device doesn't have room for it, and installing it on my HDD only works in Windows 7 compatibility mode. Then I have to trace all references to Evernote paths in the registry to make them point to drive E:.I don't doubt reinstalling it works, but the problem would appear to be with database connections that surely would be easier to fix than reinstalling the program.
  13. Software for mind-maps seems to miss the point. I usually draw mine on paper, and then scan them as a PDF, and the mark-up the PDF with comments that Evernote can make sense of....
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