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  1. I'd say, it can be done, but I just didn't think that way when I created the script. Perhaps it's a nice challenge for you, to find out if it can be done your way.
  2. Hai JMichael, Glad you enjoy the script. I haven't been working with images in the EN template note, so I didn't know about this behavior. As to your 'copy note' function: do you mean: R-click on note, and then Copy to Notebook?
  3. I've posted a new version of the script with a minor addition: you can now repeat the title of the note in the note's contents. This is done by putting [title] anywhere in your template. I like this, because I want the note's title repeated as the first line of a note (formatted of course). You can find new_note_from_template.scpt v1.1. here.
  4. Good explanation, gtuckerkellogg. Indeed, this will give a Service item for a new note in Evernote. Although I prefer the FastScript solution, I can imagine that people want a menu item for a new note. How do you assing a keyboard shortcut to this Evernote menu item?
  5. Hai rbianchi. Why don't you just run the script or, if you want to use a keyboard shortcut, install FastScripts. Then you don't have to bother with all the complex Automator stuff.
  6. Hai rbianchi. I'll try to mimick your procedure and find what causes the error with Automator. Glad you like the script.
  7. I'm working on a next version were you can add [title] in the note's content. That will be replaced with the title note. I think this to be useful. Most of the time when I create a note in EverNote, I want the first line of the note to be the note's title. About FastScripts: the only interesting difference with Apple's Script Menu (as far as I'm concerend) is that you can define keyboard shortcuts (max. 10 for the free version) for running scripts.
  8. Hai McKee, To get the title you want, open the script and find the subroutine 'on create_new_note_title from template_title'. Delete and insert code as shown in the image below (don't known how to resize; click on image for larger view): If you want 'Feb' in stead of 'February' you'll have to play around a bit with applescript's string manipulation. Good luck.
  9. Hi JMichael, Here are some answers to your question. How the script is initiated Download evernote_new_note_from_template.zip from this post. Unpack the zip. Copy evernote_new_note_from_template.scpt to /Users/<username>/Library/Scripts Activate Script Menu (Mac OS Lion): Run /Applications/Utilities/AppleScript Editor.app Goto AppleScript Editor preferences In the General panel check 'Show script menu in menu bar' Now you should see this icon in the menu bar, which represents Script Menu. Click the Script Menu icon and click evernote_new_note_from_template To activate the script with a keyboard hotkey, install FastScript. It works exactly like Script Menu, but now with the possibility of assigning hotkeys to scripts. Is it part of the Evernote menu? Noop. Good luck!
  10. I've made an AppleScript for creating a new note from a template. You can choose a template from a pop up list of template notes which are stored in a single template notebook. You can then choose where (in which existing notebook) to place the new note. Next you can enter a title for your new note. The script can insert a date/time stamp into your note. You can configure the name of the template notebook (default '_templates') and the value of the template tag (default 'template'). The new note can be configured to open in an existing EN window or in its own window. You can view the code here. The script is attached. I hope you'll find this script usefull. Please comment. evernote_new_note_from_template.scpt.zip
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