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  1. OK guys I'm up for posting a ticket, but how do you do it ? I can't find the ticketing "front end" ( I have created tickets - long ago - but via an email query!) And Why whenever I get to this topic via a link in a reply email does it regard me as a new user and ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to let me login insisting I need to create a new Account. Back to subject - does anyone think Evernote are going to really alter?? Clearly they do what they want and treat customers with disdain This thread is a classic example of their inability to accept that the customer IS ALWAYS RIGHT (even if they are not!) and that attitude means that sooner or later we will all go away or they will go bump!
  2. Hang on here........ Something has changed.. My particular gripe is a list of my pathetic attempts to loose weight, where I posted a number of "before" images in my "undies" and then a diary showing my daily weights, now obviously whenever I access the note I don't wish to see the "old me" nearly nude, especially if I'm using it in the office or the Pub! I added in my Gravatar image into the note, but really to make it bigger than a camera photo was a nonsense. so I kept having to open Evernote in private! Suddenly when I look today - having re-visited this forum subject due to a flurry of recent posts - I find my Gravatar is now being displayed, both on the PC I use Evernote on and on the web version that I normally use.... I don't have an explanation for this, does anyone else?
  3. I'm with you MJM, the new google fanboy "boredom" styled interface make Evernote into a second rate word-processor. Where are my notes?, lists and tags. This "clean" interface is sterile with no information. Reminds me of Google Store, or Microsoft changing from Windows to a Closed Door, I know designers simply play follow the leader, but they really need to follow a leader who has practicality and effectiveness in their repertoire Not that I expect Evernote to listen to users on this issue as they don't on any other!
  4. Jennifer Lawrence ?? who is Jennifer Lawrence ?? My nude piccies are of Bill Gates, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and some guy called Obama something, or other, but don't worry Evernote will never find them cos I cant set them as "featured image"
  5. I'm with Yahenda on this point. I've been watching this topic for over a year, with debates about "largest, smallest sides" etc. how anal can you get? The issue here isn't complex; "set featured image", Wordpress can do it, Google+ can do it, FB can do it Twitter can do it, I can do it in an email, but EVERNOTE can't manage it?? Cumon guys you do unending updates for differences I cannot see, but something many customers want and no-one is going to argue against,? Use whatever algorithms you want, it's hugely unimportant, BUT let me override them to say "I want to use this image" Or do you really think so little of your customers?
  6. I have just been reading pages about this... quite unbelievable that Evernote should make such a mess up of something so simple as having a "Choose" featured image" - all Wordpress Blog posts have this it's very simple and if people don't choose one the program picks one, whether it uses some "largest, mines bigger than yours, tiniest" consideration I neither know nor care. I suspect the quote "You don't have to like it, but that's the way it is. (shrug)" from one of your evangelists is a very good indication of the Evernote attitude to it's customers and their requirements.
  7. I can't believe all the arguments over semantics and algorithms, when the need is clear, there needs to be a way to choose the "featured image" Wordpress can do it, a 1001 other app(lications) so why not Evernote?. As a second choice you can use whatever selection you like, but Evernote, take note, the ability to select an image (if so wished) is clearly what I and many (most?) of your customers want, surely on that basis you should simply find a way to service this customer requirement (and soon) because giving your customers what they want is what your supposed to do? No doubt someone will dispute my logic?
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