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  1. I keep getting a note on my watch that looks like it might be a reminder but it doesn't exist in my Evernote notes. How do I make this stop?
  2. It doesn't seem that iftt allows for Evernote to be a trigger anymore. Am I missing something?
  3. My friend has a Surface and says she can't download the Evernote app without having a premium service. Is this true (she may not be all that tech savvy)? If so, is there a workaround?
  4. I like the option to hide the notebook and tag bar. After I had the program open for a few minutes and did some initial poking around, the button to hide the notebook and tag bar quit responding. I had to kill the program and open it again to get it to respond. This happened multiple times in the course of me writing this review. Evernote is not color blind! I like that I can see different text color. That's a nice touch and one step forward to good rich text editing on the mobile platform. I can't wait until I can type in colored text on the mobile platform. Speaking of, the ability to edit more complex notes besides just text based notes would be wonderful. As is, if I include a horizontal line even or god forbid a web clipping, the UI to edit the text is uncomfortable and strange. Also, just not being able to edit simple things like tables is annoying and makes that feature the least used feature in Evernote, for me personally. I do most of my work on the mobile platform so notes that I can't edit in my tablet are frustrating and almost worthless (good for reference, but if you can edit it, you can't get any work done, right?). The video option seems like a natural idea in Evernote's evolution. I can't test this option out though because my tablet doesn't have a camera. Sorry. I would like to see some more improvement of the tag's options. I would like to at least be able to delete a tag from the list (not just from a note, but delete it all together.) Not much change here, but the sort option is nice. I still can't empty or see my trash yet? Bummer. I stil can't merge notes? Bummer. I'm not sure if the note count in the upper right hand corner in the "all notes" view is new but this is the first time I've noticed it. Nice touch. The map option in the "all notes" view is pretty neat. I don't think I would personally use this information on a regular basis or for anything important, though. I would like to see Evernote use those kinds of resources on bridging the compatibility gap between the PC, Web App, and Mobile platforms before it shows off the fact that it can figure out where you where when you made the note. I just want to be able to edit something other than plain text on my tablet, not be reminded that Evernote is tracking me constantly. I guess that would be handy for journaling, but Evernote isn't exactly journaling friendly. I've found it rather boring to try and keep a daily journal in Evernote. Unless Evernote can come out with a way for me to handwrite on my tablet or phone and save it as a note (not Skitch, something more like Freenote) I don't see myself using Evernote as a journal. I would love to be able to though, since I use it for practically everything else. On the new menu button inside notes that give you the options of: Full Screen On/Off (Love it!) Create Shortcut (WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?) Move to Notebook Tag Select Text (super handy!) Note Info Delete. Once the button is opened, the UI is clean and clear, the extra options are WONDERFUL, especially the Create Shortcut option, but the button itself is not very visually appealing. As a matter of fact, if I wasn't exploring around on purpose, I may have not even noticed that it was a button for a quite a while. It blends in a little too well. If the icon were something more like a standard menu icon it would be more recognizable and hence, usable. Love the new option to sort the view of the tags, notes, and notebooks. I've been looking forward to the option to change the sorting view within my notebooks for a while now. It is very important for people like me who use very few notebook and tags. The ability to sort my notes differently for each notebook would be extremely helpful, though. I don't like the fact that if I change one notebook to sort by date that all the other notebook automatically sort by date as well. Some notebooks I need sorted alphabetically, some by date created, some by date updated. Personally, sort by country and city is not very helpful but I can see why it would be for some people. I haven't had any experienced anymore bugs yet, other than the hide notebooks and tags button. Kudos. In conclusion, I like the new updates. There are some subtle yet functional new options. The UI is still clean and simple. My favorite new update, by far, is the ability to create shortcuts within notes. My least favorite is the look of the new menu icon. The two things I wish were here that aren't are the ability to edit anything other than simple text notes and the ability to merge notes.
  5. Just wondering. I am thinking getting a new phone soon and I have my eye on the Samsung Galaxy Note. With all the fancy-schmancy things the Galaxy Note and it's S-Pen can do, I was wondering if Evernote will be have any tricks up it's sleeve for the new capabilities of the phablet. Any guesses or responses from Evernote staff, just for fun?
  6. I don't think I'm alone in thinking that the need for rich text editing and support for editing tables on mobile devices is badly needed. Right now on the Android client, if I make a simple text note on my PC and include the horizontal line, I can't even edit it properly on my tablet. I'm not even going to go into more complicated things like web clips and whatnot. Don't get me wrong, I love Evernote and use it for just about everything, but it does get quite annoying when the compatibility gap between PC, Web App, and mobile platforms is pretty darn wide. Considering everything else Evernote is capable of, you would think that the compatibility issue would be a high priority. I'm curious to see where the Evernote staff places compatibility issues on their list of priorities. What do you think, gbarry? Are we going to see any major changes in the mobile platform's ability to edit anything more than text-only notes anytime soon?
  7. Yea,I'm able to log onto the forum in a mobile browser noe. Tapatalk. still doesn't work, but at least I know I'm not crazy thinking that I know my password when i can't log in! Tapatalk would be a great resource to get worked out though. Keep us posted when Tapstalk integration is worked out?
  8. Ok, so I have been able to sign in now on a mobile browser, but Tapatalk still won't let. Me sign in. Any thought/suggestions /notes on this?
  9. Skitch is awesome - don't get me wrong. I love it for what it is and what is does. But- It would be great to see Evernote launch a full featured handwriting app for smart phones and tablets. A kind of note book that is exported or syncs with Evernote that allows for hadwritten notes, and lengthily ones, with features like inserting pictures and copy and paste text, zoom for fine details, paint type options (brush and color selection and what not). Fine tuning this idea would make Evernote have the exact capabilities as a real notebook, which is surprisingly lacking on the Android market. I am in the process of developing an app, you can check out the analogue paper version here: GLOWW Journal. This may seem confusing, so if you have any questions, feel free to email me. Anyways, A notebook app that incorporates handwritten notes (directly from the screen, not photo copies), ability to insert pictures and drawing features (like a big, crazy, mulimedia mind-map) would put Evernote at the TOP of any note taking/journaling/TCB/GTD list...that's just my opinion. I'm thinking about staring a poll on my blog to see how many people would like to see this actually happen. Then maybe if the numbers are high enough, we can get the developers at Evernote working on it. Check out NoGLoww for detail starting tomorrow (March 2nd)
  10. I am pretty sure I remember my password for the Forum here; my browser logs me in as shows the password in "saved password" as the one I remember, but when I try to log into the forum from Tapatalk or the mobile web or even to change my password on the PC, it says my password is incorrect. I know this can't be because I specifically remember the password I set for this forum. Is there a way to get my supposed password sent to my by email? And on a side note, I've always had problems logging into this forum from Tapatalk. Is there any update on that situation? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I have Tapatalk on my Kindle Fire and I also get the error, "Your account will automatically be unlocked in %s minutes" when I try to log in. I can browse the forums but I can't log in.
  12. Yes, exactly rockky. Another mobile feature that is lacking is the ability to merge notes. And I just realized, not only can we not make note to note links on the mobile app, we can't do it on the Webbsite, either! I am a Linux user, so I am already restricted mainly to the mobile app and occasionally the Webb interface, as Nixnote is not a very user friendly desktop option. With so many people these days doing the majority of their work via mobile platforms, I wonder why Evernote has been so slow to implement these small, yet extremely significant features; features that help to make Evernote stand out in a sea of cloud based note taking systems. It's like any relationship - it's the little things that count, baby!
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