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  1. I agree with you on this. I've asked, as far back as 2012 (met with a reply of crickets), that the editor control be changed to something better. I don't know what they are using under the hood, but as a fellow software developer, I can recommend a few that are on par with MS Word or any other good enough editor out there.
  2. Dear Evernote, I'm compelled to write a complaint here about the unrelenting marketing for "Spaces" and upgrading to "Premuim". I am and have been a "Plus" subscriber for a few years now, and have no plans on upgrading to Premium or use Spaces. Please make it possible to suppress the constant pop-ups, reminders, and emails asking me to do so. It's getting REALLY annoying to the point where I am thinking of cancelling and no longer promoting Evernote to others. Thank you
  3. Thank you both for your replies. I'm not suggesting that Evernote rip-off MS Word, but there are editor components on the market which provide drop-in functionality, making a product like Evernote easier to maintain. TX Text: http://www.textcontrol.com/en_US/ Here's to hoping things improve.
  4. The editor in the Windows client needs improvement in a number of areas, specifically, the copy-and-paste functionality with rich text and HTML formatted text. When copying text from Evernote into a MS Word document, formatting is usually way off; and, when copying text from a web page into Evernote, the formatting can be equally poor. Compare this to the seamless and typically excellent copy-and-paste to and from MS Word. For the amount of complaining people do about Word, they really got this and many other things right. There are a number of good to great editor components on the market (I'm a long time Windows and web developer) and they provide this functionality and more. Perhaps it is time to give up the in-house editor solution (if you are developing this functionality in-house).
  5. Understood, more than you know - I'm a software developer and run my own company. Just thought I'd throw the idea out there. I use your product on my iPhone, Kindle Fire, and three Windows machines; to say that I use your product would be an understatement. If you need a beta tester, please keep me in mind. Thanks.
  6. Thank you for your reply. I was thinking that it would be optional, as it is with tags. An alternative would be to make it so that the image displayed in the snippet view is easier to pick and crop, while retaining the automatic feature.
  7. In the snippet view of my notes, an image is chosen for the note based on what is in the message. Currently, I add an image to the important notes to make them immediately recognizable and identifyable. It would be great to have a way to choose from a perdetermined set of images/icons/glyphs and/or choose from uploaded and/or previously uploaded images. To go further, the images would be tags of a special and customizable variety. Visual over text.
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