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  1. You aren't going to like OneNote as much as you will Evernote. Handwriting app notwithstanding.
  2. For some reason, probably due to using fat fingers to drag and drop items, several notebooks are now in "Notebook Stacks." What exactely is a Notebook Stack, and is this a permanent reorganization, or can I just drag 'em back out onto the tree?
  3. Windows 8.1 is the next release on, I think Oct 16?
  4. I noticed this also. However, when the content arrives in Evernote, the tag is there.
  5. Daniel: Nice video. I like the Empire Strikes Back coffee cup!
  6. On install, opening notebooks and notes seems to be quicker.
  7. This blogging platform is 'ferme. Are there other links to the content that are now live?
  8. I starting using a modified Project Master Planner Template (http://gieglas.com/799-evernote-project-master-note-template/) for critical information as part of large, multiyear construction projects. A similar approach would work for your weekly plan note. I keep it in Collection Box, my default notebook which somebody here recommended, and copy and paste as required into other notebooks. I could see a check box To-Do list, weekly "Top XX things I need to get done or Else" list and similar notes. What are you looking to put into your planner?
  9. Possibly like the categorize icon in Outlook? Something that would give a visual clue to a stack's priority.
  10. What you are going to want is Penultimate, which is currently iOS only. Hopefully the Evernote PM reads this.
  11. Does the Windows Touch client synch automatically?
  12. As a long time EN user, who recently switched from and Android to a Windows 8 Pro tablet, I find the touch interface to be, well, confusing and disorganized. On a Windows RT tablet, I used a version of EN that looked vastly different. Is the Win9 Touch version my only option?
  13. I downloaded the standard Windows client and am running it on the Win 8 Desktop. A lot nicer than the Windows 8 Touch client
  14. Seriously, requests for an Android version of Penultimate date back to over 1 year ago. How long does it take for the Product Manager to accomplish something?
  15. Your image is of an invoice. I thought the intent of Page Camera was to work specifically with Moleskine notebooks? The Page Camera images I have taken from the M-S notebook are clear and readable.
  16. When I synch Livescribe notes from a Sky pen, I get something titled Page XX - 1-Subject A5 Notebook 1. I can add tags, but if I attempt to rename the note to something more relevant to the Evernote notebook in use, I get a dialogue box indicating that the note was created in another application, and I have to edit it there. Is there a workaround, or are the Livescribe notes not editable?
  17. My advice: Pay the $50. If Evernote is as critical as you describe to your professional life, pay the $50. Sorry if this seems rude, but like I said...
  18. This is totally a Google Play, and not Evernote issue. I periodically cannot purchase software from Google Play (stupid name IMHO) because of incompatibility issues with mobile devices. Give it a day or so, since it always seems to sort itself out by then.
  19. I get this occasionally when there's insufficent 4g or cell connection, and WiFi is off on my Galaxy III. Usually tapping the synch icon a few times makes a connection and synchs.
  20. Isn't this what Tagging can provide? You have to be religious in Tagging your notebooks, something that I fail on reguralry, but once complete you could search for specific tags and have all the notes found.
  21. :Just leave it on, dim the screen, and go to sleep" - how to prevent waking every few hours to check on the progress?
  22. Can I "tag" a page in a Livescribe notebook so when it arrives in Evernote, it is pre tagged?
  23. I tried the Jot stylus with an Android tablet with a Zagg screen protector. Felt like the tip was glued to the surface, no ability to rectord strokes. For that category I think there are currently none other than the Adonis Jot models "ballpoint accuracy". I'm currently the jot flip, stylus on one side, pen on the other.
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