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  1. Way back in the dawn of computing time, there was a memory resident DOS program called Sidekick. You accessed Sidekick by hitting the Alt key and a window would pop up (pretty revolutionary in DOS days) with a menu of notes that you could easily edit. I used to do all my contact notes in Sidekick. Then Windows was released and character based programs would no longer work. Eventually, Sidekick developer's Borland released a windows version called Tornado Notes which did, from what I remember, something similar to your application without the ability to easily rearrange them on the display. Carddesk looks very interesting, but I have a question: Is my beta account password the same as my Evernote password?
  2. Let me ask: Why not rely on Tags to for the "drill down" process into your notebooks? I used to separate notes into multiple and multiple notebooks, because I wanted to be able to find things quickly when information was needed. Now I have what I consider major notebooks (Vendor, Projects, Prospects and major customers), within each are multiple notes. Searching for tags legs me get the micro detail out of the macro of notebooks quickly. And, can't you do notebook stacks in EN for iOS?
  3. You aren't going to like OneNote as much as you will Evernote. Handwriting app notwithstanding.
  4. What you are going to want is Penultimate, which is currently iOS only. Hopefully the Evernote PM reads this.
  5. Seriously, requests for an Android version of Penultimate date back to over 1 year ago. How long does it take for the Product Manager to accomplish something?
  6. Your image is of an invoice. I thought the intent of Page Camera was to work specifically with Moleskine notebooks? The Page Camera images I have taken from the M-S notebook are clear and readable.
  7. I tried the Jot stylus with an Android tablet with a Zagg screen protector. Felt like the tip was glued to the surface, no ability to rectord strokes. For that category I think there are currently none other than the Adonis Jot models "ballpoint accuracy". I'm currently the jot flip, stylus on one side, pen on the other.
  8. When I am done with a project (like really done, not the false done before the other shoe drops) I would like to retain the notebook for future refrence, but not crowd my active list with old stuff. Can I create an "Archive" notebook (local only, not synched) and drop in other notebooks?
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