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  1. Bump I used the Windows client for years and was able to change the dates. I am now using the web and Android versions and neither has the option. I like to keep my notes in order of last modified and both versions make it easy to accidentally make an edit. Sometimes the web version seems to register a modification just by me viewing the note. When this happens, my notes are out of order and I have no way to correct it.
  2. Windows 7 x64, FIrefox 52.0.2, Web Clipper Not sure when it started, but I first noticed it yesterday. WebClipper no longer signs in. I click on the toolbar icon and it brings up a window, but before anything in the window loads, it closes. I've tried it with all other add-ons disabled. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Web Clipper add-on. If I delete all evernote.com cookies and restart Firefox, the sign in window loads properly and I am able to tell it to sign in. However, the toolbar icon still does not say I'm signed in. Clicking on it again brings up the empty popup window that quickly closes.
  3. I'm a basic user, so no offline notebooks. Using the web interface, I see the same problems as on my Android client. Perhaps this is a problem with the desktop client?
  4. I'm having a lot of problems with the Android client. Everything is correct in the Windows client. I went to load up a recipe for sweet potatoes from my recipe notebook, and found the my 'sweet potatoes' tag said (0) notes. I did a search and the note showed up in the results, but when I opened it it said "Note Edit error: Note content could not be downloaded at this time. Check your network connection and tr again later." I have many other tags that say (0) when there should be notes with those tags. There's a recipe for rotisserie duck that has the tags 'rotisserie' and 'duck' in the desktop client. In the Android client, the tags 'rotisserie' and 'duck' both say (0) and the duck recipe shows no tags assigned to it. There seems to be quite a few notes like this. I have the latest version from the Play Store. I have tried deleting app data.
  5. Beta (303370) Tried web clipper in Firefox. Article clip seems to be fixed and doesn't produce a note with the extra empty space. I did a Simplified Article clip and it still added the large empty space at the top of the note.
  6. I have this problem with the web clipper in Firefox on Windows. Workaround is to select all text in the note, cut and paste it back. Annoying.
  7. Yes. This certainly should be an option. I already have many items added to the context menu from other addons, and I do not use the web clipper this way. I use it from the toolbar. The context menu items are unnecessary clutter for me. If I were to use it that way, though, I would still want to minimize the space used in the menu. Perhaps it should add a submenu. As it is now, Web Clipper adds three items to the context menu. Other addons put their items in a submenu to avoid cluttering the menu.
  8. I did a full wipe and fresh ROM install. After 3-4 days Evernote is draining my battery again. I had been getting 12-15 hours on battery up until today. Took it off the charger this morning and it sat unused for 68 minutes. Checked that battery and it was down to 74%, and Evernote is at the top of the list at 53%. Second item is the screen at 10%. Sync is disabled. Removed the widget.from homescreen. Rebooted the phone a few times. Still have the problem.
  9. I have this problem on a Galaxy S2 with CM11 4.4.4. Sync is disabled, yet often Evernote is at the very top of the battery use list. At the moment, the phone has been on for 12h19m and Evernote is at the top with 43%.
  10. I have the same issue, except that I am using Firefox. Please add an option to change the icon color.
  11. Deleted the Evernote folder from my SD card. Reinstalled Evernote and Evernote widget and it has behaved itself for the past two days. Seems reinstalling the app was all that was needed.
  12. Uninstalled Evernote, Evernote Widget, and Evernote Share. Battery usage is back to normal. Now i have practically no use for Evernote, since I mostly use it to access notes on my phone. I really hoipe this gets fixed!
  13. My battery ran down completely last night. I kept it off and put it on the charger. This morning I unplugged it from the charger and turned it on. Installed some app updates, but didn't use the phone for anything else. After an hour or two my battery is at 75%. Never launched Evernote, though I do have the widget on one of my homescreens. I think I'm going to have to uninstall Evernote in order to use my phone. I don't want to have to kill it all the time, and maybe have it start up again.
  14. LG Optimus V (LG-VM670) Quattrimus ICS 4.0 I haven't used Evernote on my Android much lately, so I'm not sure if this happens every time Evernote is running. Last night I used it very briefly to check a shopping list, using 3g. My battery was around 50%, which will normally give me another 15 hours or so. Around two and a half, maybe three hours later, I get a battery alarm and my battery is at 5%. Here are the battery stats: I also had this happen a week or two ago, and I think it may have also been caused by Evernote. I was on WIFI at home the whole day an my battery inexplicably drained quickly. I didn't think to check the battery stats that time.
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