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  1. Thanks, Gazumped, for your advise - I will definitely use it when the web version will be available only , but I prefer default desktop version tag tree look as in the new web version, BUT just without scrolling 🙂 Toggle\untoggle scrolling will be enough
  2. Hi! First I want to thanks the Evernote team for this great app! I use Evernote as the best app for the GTD system, and the reason I use Evernote is the great tags tree. I just use the tag tree mostly every day and I need to see it entirely. This option was in the Desktop version and the Web version. (I hope it will be in mobile app too one day). But now I see only scrolling feature in the Web version without possibility to see the entire tree. Please, back the option to unfold the tree to see it entirely. Thank you!
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