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  1. The feature I would value most on Android right now would be a solid pdf preview in notebooks I've marked as "offline."
  2. Yeah, I agree it's pretty lame that you can't delete a notebook in the Android client. And I can't Italy launch the web client in any of my Android browsers either. So it looks like I have no way of deleting notebooks from my tablet. Still, though, there is more good here than bad. I just created a notebook stack called Zapped and I delete notebooks by moving them to that stack. Thes on occasions I'm using the web client at work on s Linus machine I delete everything in Zapped. Less than perfect but plenty good enough. I'm still just in heaven over being able to preview pdf notes in the w
  3. No, no, NO - please don't encourage the devs to think it's ok for something to be desktop-only any more than they already do. I hate how the emphasis is on the Windows client. I use the Android and web interface clients almost exclusively - I go to my Windows machine only to scan, and I'm trying to find a way to avoid that. Yes - choosing the thumbnail would be best, and having it be the first image in the note would be second best. Choosing it in any other way sucks eggs beyond belief. Also, if they're not going to let us see pdf file content inline in the web and android clients, the
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