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  1. For those looking for a cure specifically for Wikipedia inline .svg images, logging into your account preferences for WP allows you to cater your math symbol appearance to .png files. Granted, this is not a vector format but it may provide a suitable solution.
  2. I'm a big fan of clipping Wikipedia pages. I have found recently that some embedded images are not rendered in Evernote after clipping. Often these are inline equations in .svg format. See excerpt screen shots of the same content, from the page Tropical Cyclone, and from my clipped page in EN. I am using Windows 10, and this happens in ALL browsers on this platform. Ironically, my iPhone can clip this page perfectly after I request the desktop version. What gives?!
  3. I would just be happy to be able to AND/OR two saved searches. That way the search could be built up arbitrarily more complex without the user needing to use brackets and complex search grammar.
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