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  1. I recently purchased a Windows Surface Pro 3 and was excited to give the pen input a test drive and sorry to say have been disappointed with the results. When I add a Handwriting section on my Android client and sync back to Windows I am only able to annotate that item. I can understand that due to the differences between systems. But it is frustrating that I then cannot add any handwriting on the Windows client to that same note. I then tried to create a Ink Note, which works fairly well on the Windows client, and will even sync down to the Android client be displayed but unable to edit, again I can understand that. I am able to add additional notes and the note displays correctly on the Android. The problem comes when I sync back to Windows. The writing section has been converted to an Attachment.bin file and I am no longer able to handwrite on that note. I have too much time invested into Evernote to jump ship, and your Android client is much better than OneNotes, but I am starting to investigate ways to incorporate OneNotes writing capabilities into my workflow. One nice feature I have noticed is the ability to highlight the written text in ON and copy, which will actually copy the converted text, on both clients. Which may come in handy for this workaround I am still considering. My request is for better integration between Android and Windows of the mixed note type (Text / Handwriting / etc)
  2. Would be nice to have the Reminder time displayed along side the Reminder date. Would also be nice to have a column with the reminder date & time.
  3. Just discovered that on the Android client that a search will highlight the searched for words in all found notes. So when you open a note all found words are highlighted. I second @monsieurms request for being able to have this same functionality within the currently viewed note, just like on the desktop client. Short of having inter-note links (i.e. html anchor tags), I have just started trying to solve this using a "table of contents" at the top of larger notes and then search for that phrase within that note. Which on the desktop client works great by highlighting all found instances and letting you jump to the next instance. Jeff
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