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  1. update on my comments about clipper and impact on web pages. It turns out that adblock plus was running unbeknownst to me in my testing. now that i run with only one extension running, i.e. EN web clipper, everything is normal again with super fast page loading. My bad.
  2. @jbignert ... i have re-installed and will get back to the forum. To be clear, since there are other confusing posts here, the issue was Safari delayed sites launching (old version is shadowed in background for a second before it launches) and followed by hanging (white screen and site never appears). Since i had installed copper I had no issue for two weeks. Now I will try again and see how it goes. Again I am the one with the fresh macbook pro with zero other extensions. Thank you for watching. Colin
  3. EN are ignoring this issue. I have a brand new Mac Book Pro running 10.9 mavericks. I have not installed anything new except for Office for Mac and Evernote. That makes my platform the ideal to highlight this issue. This is not a user issue. Its a very real Clipper compatibility issue. There have been several iTunes updates and maybe a couple of safari updates since I got my laptop in April. Gradually Safari exhibited slower and slower performance including more and more complete hangs on some sites. By hang I mean I can see the header of the page but zero of the page loads. Just
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