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  1. That if course would Brett in "Gone With the Wind".
  2. I like JMTX reference back to Chris blog post which was late September (a mere 3 months ago). At that time he also said: I believe that a smaller, more focused team today will set us up for growth and expansion tomorrow. Here are two things that you can expect from us over the next several months: we will launch major foundational product improvements around the core features that you care about most, and we will pull back on initiatives that fail to support our mission. I still believe that's a well expressed target and one that sets a new direction for the company. It's worth saying out loud here that changes involving focus is that not everyone will be satisfied. Those who joined Evernote for new 'shiny objects' will be disappointed. Those who joined Evernote pre 2010 and came to count on it over the years now have some hope. I use the verb 'joined' pointedly. Those with a longer term view won't be satisfied with free, nor will they pay for a service with insufficient value. The real challenge for a smart CEO is to define a business and technology strategy that addresses notes, sync and search. We've spoken a lot here about business strategy. I would argue that the technology strategy has been ill defined to date and largely playing catch up to address growth. For the most part the focus has been on one of the three points Chris raised i.e. Sync. What about a technology strategy to address the three points and do so over time. That means new customer laptops, phones and OS every 2 - 5 years for most people. It also means the company has to have a renewal strategy for its own hardware which it clearly doesn't after the 2014 debacle when we learned us early users were still on 2008 hardware 6 years later. Where is the cloud strategy implicit in the technology strategy. I would argue the discussion must engage with how EN can rejuvenate a technology strategy. The previous unfocus that Libin wraught drove a technology strategy that tries to support multiple and diverse demands and that's a recipe for disaster. I would further argue that the comments from the folks here who I've read and respected for years have their problems at the core of a technology company trying to do too much and doing nothing well (and a CTO who is probably pulling his hair out. ) Business focus will bring technology focus and most of us will be happier and have the luxury of requesting more from a stable platform.
  3. This is good for the company and imho a long time coming - here is why. The execution (multiple unrelated products) has been in conflict with the stated strategy (100 year brain etc). The core evernote has seen new features and solid efficiency updates but not enough to work in the 100 year view. Over the years i have constantly migrated work and stored items into other cloud storage for safekeeping. The reason is that i don't want to have a gigabyte file resident on my current computer. This is not a long term strategy. The company needs to revisit its technology architecture in context of the business strategy and customer promise.
  4. These changes at Evernote are a long time coming. The company has lacked focus and sought small revenue attracting sideshows (e.g. Market). While i agree with the changes in reducing offices, personnel, I still look forward to seeing what the actual strategy will be. I see only one thing that will keep me and other long term Premium customers satisfied in the long run. This will mean focus on the core product with a much more sophisticated data strategy. Examples which I see as important: - if I have files going back several years, why are the oldest ones indexed equally relative to my current work/ documents/ notes/ attachments - why is my entire Evernote resident on my hard drive - doesn't that contradict the entire point of cloud? - why doesn't EN make it easy for conservative folks to back up their EN - why not let me store my current EN work and sync it quickly - let me archive old EN, but don't make me go through hoops to export. Consider this simple use case. I want to be able to search for one item saved maybe 6 years ago. I don't want to import an entire EN back up to find it. At the same time I don't want to keep my entire EN in on gigantic file because I don't want to use the space on my hard drive, nor do I trust anyone to maintain an ever increasing database while still permitting rapid sync and access to my current work. I just want to search for that one item and then go back to my daily current EN routine.
  5. OK "Selective Sync" it is. You are right, its not as if cloud is new, and that the solution isn't obvious. Communication from EN on their actual future would be welcome. With regard to others and their sync and data issues, those are real issues for those involved and I didn't mean to minimize them. And yes I have lurked here for years, just to put at ease those who suggested I didn't (JM)
  6. Just to get back on topic - Scott's original post in this thread could be summarized in that EN improved post Kincaid inspired issues such as sync, brought new shiny features, but are still failing for some on data integrity. I can attest to major change in sync. As a 2008 original user the Kincaid episode highlighted that us early adopters were still on old original servers. EN fixed that. Sync is has been superb since. Data integrity: I haven't experienced that and I won't because I regularly export entire notebooks and archive. I'm ok doing that because they were contaminating my searches which are 99% focused on last few months. (I'm a heavy user of detailed search operators btw). The larger issue for EN is the one highlighted by BNF. EN is not scalable. A 100 year company cannot expect to sync between a hard drive and the cloud. There needs to be a way to isolate recent stuff, which can be sync'd to hard drive, yet maintain the ancient history stuff in the cloud. And of course all has to be searchable. In some respects the iOS EN could be the forbearer of future EN. That is to say 100% in the cloud with option to sync certain notebooks locally. This model is used in different ways by bitcasa and iCloud. This will also solve sync issues. And yes the security folks can create a new thread on that aspect. I would speculate the reason we are seeing new shiny improvements to web version point to increasing cloud focus. Anything less cannot be sustainable and moving to ON unfortunately won't solve that long term dilemma.
  7. update on my comments about clipper and impact on web pages. It turns out that adblock plus was running unbeknownst to me in my testing. now that i run with only one extension running, i.e. EN web clipper, everything is normal again with super fast page loading. My bad.
  8. @jbignert ... i have re-installed and will get back to the forum. To be clear, since there are other confusing posts here, the issue was Safari delayed sites launching (old version is shadowed in background for a second before it launches) and followed by hanging (white screen and site never appears). Since i had installed copper I had no issue for two weeks. Now I will try again and see how it goes. Again I am the one with the fresh macbook pro with zero other extensions. Thank you for watching. Colin
  9. EN are ignoring this issue. I have a brand new Mac Book Pro running 10.9 mavericks. I have not installed anything new except for Office for Mac and Evernote. That makes my platform the ideal to highlight this issue. This is not a user issue. Its a very real Clipper compatibility issue. There have been several iTunes updates and maybe a couple of safari updates since I got my laptop in April. Gradually Safari exhibited slower and slower performance including more and more complete hangs on some sites. By hang I mean I can see the header of the page but zero of the page loads. Just white space. I tried the usual cache clearing etc, but did notice the forums mentioned extensions as a potential issue. My only extension was Clipper so I uninstalled. Safari was back to perfect performance. I reinstalled Clipper just in case there was a version issue. It was back to hangs immediately. Clipper is the issue. It is not being maintained to keep up with Apple updates. Come on EN. I am a long time (6 years) Premium user. It turns out now that I am missing it that Clipper is a large part of my EN experience. We had that issue at the beginning of the year when Phil had to get involved and bring focus back to the daily user and you did a great job upgrading older users with new servers, much improved syncing etc. Please don't think its over. Focus on user experience comes before extending into new markets. We are in this for the 100 year experience remember.
  10. I confess to being an ardent Evernote fanboi. But is light green on dark green really an appropriate colour scheme? Apart from being hard to read, its a huge jump from the green home screen into the beautiful "create a note' view. The fonts and style are gorgeous. But the green home screen is not good. I am ok with the layout and appreciate the effort to put as much as possible in front of us in a small space. The quick note bar for example. But does it have to be so green?
  11. I notice though that saved searches show clearly in the search bar now. Hit Win-Shft-F and see all your saved searches. Its still not single click though.
  12. my calculations suggest that note sizes depend on the nature of the content. As an everyday user who keeps lots in EN I also noticed the database size is definitely related to note content. My database had increased to 6.5 Gb (5,500 notes). However some comments in these forums got me thinking about one aspect of my notes. I was a heavy user of "folder import" and was pulling my photo stream into EN. I had just over 2,000 photos at 2.2Mb per pic. I deleted them all, optimised the Db and now am at 2.5 Gb. So the Db reduced by almost precisely the size of the pics (4.4 Gb). So EN is not a good solution for photos. Since advent of smart phones with decent cameras, a better solution is to rely on icloud or equivalent, and not EN. The increase in size from photos is exponentialy greater than from text or pdf notes because of size and volume of new notes.
  13. I presume you are using saved searches. You can use -twenty -thirty to exclude those terms in the search. e.g. intitle:first -twenty will exclude anything with twenty and include only those with first
  14. I am in the middle on the comments here. I am not impressed that they could be hacked, notwithstanding the salted passwords. No way hackers should have got in. But the rapid update to the apps was impressive, as I just got the Win desktop update now. Good work there .... but... But longer term, a 100 year extension of my brain had better learn from this, and maybe slow down on the fancy stuff to allow some back to basics thinking. There is no way a hacker of any kind should be able to get in to my username, salted password etc - no way, ever! Today is a wake up call. Premium user since 2008.
  15. Joe, this thread has been going for a while. EN have narrowed down to a bug in their load balancer, ie a network issue and involving a third party, not an EN issue. So I am going to hang in there while they resolve. As a work around, I have been loading large notes into google drive and setting EN desktop to automatically import that folder on my laptop. Hardly elegant but works for now. The issue is only an issue with large attachments in notes asfaik.
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