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  1. This brings up another question here: how does it work if moving notes from a shared notebook to a person notebook (at the receiving end - the "sharee's" if you will). Will the tags created at the source be created in the receiving account, or disappear? If they get created, this would probably be a way to transfer notebook ownership to the right party. I have another usage scenario where this also has interest. I have a main account that I am mostly logged on to. On PC and mobile devices. This is also the one my web clipper is pointing at. Then I have a couple of other more specialized ones. (One specifically for freelance consulting, one specifically for personal studies with lots of material captured). Since it is easiest to capture via the main account (I bump into lots of things relevant to the specialized accounts while living life), I would like to set it up so I can "hand over" notes from the main account to one of the others. Then pick them up in my "inbox" there, once I get around to it. Which means moving them out and to another notebook there. Sometimes I already decide what to do with it, and assign some tags accordingly. E.g. if it is an action item, a reference item, a project support item etc.. It will be nice if those tags can carry over easily.
  2. Instead of being forced to make hacks with the creation date, what we really need is an additional "custom" date field that can be used for whatever the user desires. (Deadline, expiry date, date of next review etc.).
  3. Since EN can't really make relationships (structures, hiearchies, sequences) between notes and therefore has limited use as an outliner, I would LOVE to see MindManager (or another mindmapping tool) take on that role, in integration with EN. Ie. the possibility to manage a "tree" (including the sequence of child notes/topics) of notes in a mind map. This would be the best of both worlds. (Even without the mind map, it would be GREAT if EN got this functionality within. Similar to UltraRecall and other outliners, where parent/child relationships and sequence of siblings can be set up).
  4. I have seen Adobe claim somewhere on their blog that simply loading and saving a file with Acrobat can often reduce it's size. Simply because it rewrites the PDF format more efficiently. When I do this with ScanSnap files, I often see a reduction of 25%. (This happen with or without OCR'ing the document).
  5. The software with ScanSnap S1500 claims to be able to assign keywords based on text highlighted on a page. Haven't done much experimenting - but it works best for black-white docs with no other confusing colours. However, those keywords still stay in ScanSnap Organizer. It would be great if someone knew how to extract the keywords from the files. Then it would be possible to write scripts that imported the files in EN and assigned tags at the same time. I don't think I would use the "highlight" feature that much myself. But I would love to be able to control and direct my information flow with keywords already in ScanSnap Organizer.
  6. Interesting. I had been wondering if the search keywords would be retained. This is great. I have been pondering a lot about local vs. synched, in this case about a lot of PDFs that I would need to OCR before uploading. If this holds true, I can give my docs a grace period in a synched folder before moving them. I agree with GrumpyMonkey that the risk of having anything "cached" somewhere on servers for a while after moving it, is a very small risk. But I do share your concerns about putting certain things online. Not because I have anything especially sensitive / private. But Evernote would be a very ripe target for identity theft, if all personal / financial documents are there.
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