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  1. Updates are updates I understand but why remove functionality that increases the end users efficiency? Reminder, Print, Delete were functions that I used multiple times a day on the header bar and now they require multiple clicks to get to. Please add the icons back OR add the ability to customize the icons that appear in the Note header/toolbar like previous versions.
  2. Am I crazy but I seem to remember you could customize the note toolbar? At the least the Reminder was present on the toolbar because I used that almost daily along with Print and Delete (often not daily). Evernote replaced commonly used functions with "Share" that I never use and even in a corporate setting Sharing notes isn't going to be used as often as the items in the "More Menu" list. Will add votes to the link you provided thanks.
  3. Recently the Note toolbar has been changed to just display the "Share" button followed by the 3 dots to drop down and select other options for a note eg. Add Reminder. Previously there was an icon to click and add a reminder which is now missing and I can't figure out how to customize the toolbar. Has this feature been removed or am I missing something? It is always a pain when a feature is used often like adding a reminder and now takes multiple clicks to access instead of one. Pretty sure in previous versions there used to be a Customize option for the toolbar of Notes
  4. +1000 I have been submitting bug reports on this for months and the only response is to uninstall and reinstall which doesn't fix the issue and as we know is just a lazy catch all response.
  5. Another +1 what a PITA when you have notes formatted for printing and then they add all this extra space. Please fix...
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