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  1. I just tested (by sending an email from gmail to my evernote address) and it works again. So (conspiracy!) whatever they broke, it just got fixed!
  2. Did you recently change your evernote email address? It the one thing I haven't tried.
  3. Ditto. Same here. Stopped working after working fine for years. A warning would have been nice. stuff email to the account do not show up on any of my devices... This is very important to how I use Evernote!
  4. Oops! My bad. Apologies. Now I need to figure out who/what to follow to stay on top of this issues. But that is on me. Thanks for the correction.
  5. i just got an error message from Evernote for windows asking me to contact support@evernote.com and to attach my log. Sensible. What is not, is that my message was rejected saying that the email address does not exist. Not even an autoreply that they don't like that anymore? Maybe it would be a good thing to remove that error message from the application then... No need to be rude.
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