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  1. Annoying. So Evernote experts recommend using nested tags rather than a nested notebook hierarchy for organising notes, but then don't provide a way to do it on the app. Nice.
  2. Yes, thanks, I am realising that....need to get my head around how to get the correct intersection between my own organisation and the need to share stuff easily and quickly. The problem is that Sharing lives in the world of the Notebook, and not the Tag....so if there is a part of your organisational hierarchy you want to share, you will need to put those specific notes in a different notebook. Not impossible, but a mindshift.
  3. it makes sharing a complete PAIN that you cannot share a stack. It basically makes it impractical to share anything but the most unstructured stuff.
  4. this is a right royal pain. OneNote is starting to look more and more attractive...
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