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  1. I have figured out how to to do this movement (that should be stupid simply done but with the new UI makes you stay in that terrible notebook view), just switch to the way that is less functional and then you can drag it there. By less functional I mean the notebook view. I love evernote but I don't know what happened with 5 this was an epic fail in my book, I don't see new functionality that is that ground breaking, and having to click more seems just bad design to me, what ever happened to the 3 click rule? Hope that helps.
  2. Hello Rob, Have you considered using IFTTT.com and seeing what kind of recipes you can set up to track data like that? That might be able to do what you are needing. If not that site then look at zapier.com Both of those sites give you the ability to set up work flows for your business processes. I have it do something similar for Google Calendar. Hope that helps.
  3. I tend to have a notebook for each type of subject that I would like to reference for blog posts and because I write on a number of different ones i categorize in the notebooks so that I can access this part in alphabetical order and then the actual notest themselves in any sort condition I want. So for example, site (Call Loop), mobile resources, would look like CL-Mobile Resources. And inside of there I would make a note for each resource that I have found that is big enough to expand into. Not sure if that is the best way but seems to work good for me, because I can tag just that tool because it is in its own note.
  4. I use to collect actions and different post production tips that I find on blogs or forums, or links to a video about a certain way things are done.
  5. Thanks for this knowledge. Sometimes I forget about the discounts we can get as professors.
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