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  1. In a similar vein is the pop up at the bottom "helpfully" showing you unrelated "related" notes. How the H do I turn that off? This could be a deal breaker and I, too, am premium. NOT LIVABLE, EN!
  2. Following the ongoing fussy between coders who seem to think that non-coders (i.e. "Paying Customers") are worthless and non-coders who seem to think that coding is all drag n drop, there is this one, little point: You are both right and you are both wrong. The reason for tags is to create an index for yourself. HOWEVER in order to do that effectively, you need to know up front that you are doing that. I will point out that there are people who ONLY write indices- that is how rarefied a thought process it is. Like coding... But by the time people have figured this out the list of tags is completely out of control. Hence the request for a sub folder kind of effect. If one uses evernote for everything, the sub folder idea is very attractive. Let me give you concrete examples: Field of Interest one: FOODS So I want to be able to group by regional cuisine, holidays menus, general information, and garden variety recipes. I can't DO this because Evernote thinks that tags are sufficient and They. Are. Not. eg.: Persian Asian North American Thanksgiving Norooz Shopping Baking Why? Second interest: GENEALOGY So I want to be able to group by geographic region, last name, altered last names, and investigations. I can't DO this because Evernote thinks that tags are sufficient and They. Are. Not. eg.: Scotland Italy Holmes County Smith Ward Elliott Livingston Investigation Why? Last interest: CRIMINAL LAW So I want to be able to group by statue, name of crime, appeals cases from different districts, those controlling and those not. I can't DO this because Evernote thinks that tags are sufficient and They. Are. Not. eg.: 2912.12(A) DUI 9th Dist. 5th Dist Supremes Why? Because the "index", the alpha list of tags, now looks something like: 2912.12(A) 5th Dist 9th Dist. Asian Baking Chardon DUI Elliott Holmes County Italy Livingston Investigation Norooz North American Persian Scotland Shopping Smith Supremes Thanksgiving Ward Not. Remotely. Helpful. So that is why, dear superior and arrogant coders TAGS DON'T WORK. But, whining, sulky, and insulting non-coders, here's this one little thing you can do: Think. Solution A- very bad- use different accounts for different major topics. This cripples the effectiveness of Evernote except on a computer with different browser profiles open at the same time. So what DOES work? You can use leading characters in the NAMES of your notebooks AND tags to create the effect of an expanded, hierarchical index. If you use: dot, star, underscore, & dash, for instance, and so forth, this will create list in this order: ** * -- - ... .. . __ _ You can do the same with tags. So both in the list of tags and the list of notebooks you have like grouped with like. See? Prombel (sic) solved. Now, all of that being said, I have less than no use for tags. They are a waste of time as near as I can tell for exactly this reason. I stopped using them ages ago. Why? Because- get this: You can search for stuff. Wild, huh? Maybe if people spent a little bit more time trying to solve a problem rather than proving that they and their opinions and experiences are superior to others', well...
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