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  1. I have to agree with CDavis above. I still recommend Evernote to people, but it's always with this caveat in the same breath - "...but it sucks when it comes to cut and paste and formatting. If you're going to use it as a repositary for information that you want to reuse or share, don't waste any energy on formatting the information in your notes. You're just going to have to redo it when you take it out of Evernote to use it in something else." I know there are some work arounds but, to be blunt, who has that time to waste on an on-going basis? The people I have recommended Evernote to read
  2. When you type in the search field, the search is performed against all your notes, plus inside attached images, PDFs and office documents. This is not basic text editor functionality. Please be assured that we read the forums and are aware of the request. ...that's why text editors don't use the same code for Find and Find & Replace. I'll purchase a year of Evernote premium for the first forum reader who can name a text editor written in the last decade that does not support Find & Replace but does support bold text (as an example). No fair writing your own feature-free editor
  3. I just discovered Find & Replace doesn't exist in even the latest Mac version. Evernote team, I'm embarrassed for you... this is just ***** ridiculous. Sorry for the language, but the depth of my astonishment required it. Mac Product Manager - you do realize people consider Evernote a note editor too, right?
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