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  1. All within a single notebook: 1. Click on Tag 1 in left nav. Some notes show up in Notes pane, and Note 1A (first note in the Tag) is auto-selected. 2. Click on Note 1C still in Tag 1 3. Click on Tag 2 in left nav. Note 2A is auto-selected. 4. Click on Note 2D still in Tag 2 5. Click on Note 2F still in Tag 2 5. Hit the Back button 4 times. Expected: It will navigate backwards to Note 2D, Note 2A, Note 1C, and Note 1A, in that order. The Forward button should become enabled so I can navigate forward as well. Actual: After the first click it navigates to Note 2A. All subsequent clicks on the Back button just keep the note on Note 2A. The forward Button stays greyed out and I can never use it. Version info: 10.10.5-mac-ddl-public (2487) Editor: v120.1.15587 Service: v1.31.4 © 2019 - 2021 Evernote Corporation. All rights reserved
  2. Thank you DTLow! I figured out why I didn't see this option in my drop-down menu. If you have the left sidebar collapsed into its minimalized state (i.e. just icons, no text), the "Show Tag List" option doesn't actually appear in that drop down menu. Weird, and sort of seems buggy. But anyway, thanks!
  3. I just upgraded Evernote to 6.13.1, and I can't figure out how to get the tag list sidebar to display. I mean the sidebar where it would list all of your tags, and you could single-click on any of them and it would show you all of the notes with that tag. The closest I can get in the current version is to click "Tags", which shows me the gridded list of all my tags, and then double-click on one of them and it will show me all notes with that tag (but will no longer show my tags list, so I have to navigate back if I want to click a different tag). Is the tag sidebar feature just gone, or is there some way to display it still? It's a bummer if it's gone since tags are my main way of organizing my notes (I use them basically as a single-level directory structure), and the increased pain in navigating via tags would definitely slow me down.
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