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  1. My line of thinking was exactly like you csihilling and I wanted all my documents to be in one place and initially Evernote fit the bill perfectly. But as the years went by I became more and more frustrated with the amount of bug reports I had to keep sending Evernote. However, I still stuck with it and thought eventually things will get better and Evernote will sort out the bugs and it be more productive. Unfortunately, this day never came and I lost hope in it ever coming because with every new release there was always something not working and so this didn't admire me with much confidence. I could have lived with the broken reminders and use a different tool to manage them like AHK/PhaseExpress if it were not for the fact that I use Evernote on my Android phone and use it on the Web also so this called for a different syntax then what I use for my Windows client. And soon this became unwieldy for me to keep remembering to enter what search in what device to pull out the relevant reminders. And the killer was the fact that Evernote launched a new Web interface which led me to believe that the old Web interface would eventually die off sometime in the future as I can't imagine Evernote improving it any further then what it is already, especially now they have the new Web UI up and running. I personally, cannot work efficiently using the new Web UI. The reminders all worked flawlessly on the old Evernote Web and soon (in my opinion) this will be phased out. So all this pushed me to my limit. I mean there is only so much one can tolerate and I been very patient with Evernote over the years and been a premium subscriber from day one. I kept thinking Evernote will sort it out and soon it be mostly bug-free and I be able to concentrate on doing my work. But no, I guess I was wrong and Evernote never sorted it out - the reminders are still broken at least on the Windows client. I am tired now and have had to rethink my entire workflow. My dream of being able to do all of my work from one entity is still a dream I'm afraid. I guess it all depends on how much functionality you really need. And I for one was using reminders and reminder searches a lot and needed this to really work but it didn't. Sorry for the long post but you can tell how passionate I am about this subject of reminders lol. P.S. csihilling - don't know if you know already but you can actually drag the saved searches into the shortcuts area of the application and this is even quicker then using the F5, drop down, select search :-)
  2. I gave up on reminders after spending a lot of time finding workarounds. This was the main stumbling block for me and if Evernote bothered to fix it then I would have been very happy with Evernote. The best workaround I found was using AHK but again this meant I had to create scripts to make reminders work and I shouldn't have to do this. So I decided to go elsewhere for my task management. Not sure why Evernote haven't managed to fix this for years and let it go on for so long. A quick search in the forums and you see many users who experienced the same problems. Evernote if you reading this then I am disappointed in you for not fixing this problem and letting it drag on and on for so long! I am no longer using your reminders because of this. It's just too little, too late now...
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I looked it up and it does look more easier to learn and user-friendly then AHK.
  4. Thanks a lot guys! I just tried this using AHK and it works perfectly in the current Windows Client. Now I can finally start using Windows Client again (before been using Evernote Web). Not sure why Evernote are not sorting this one out and letting it drag on for so long. I almost gave up on Reminders and was going to use RTM for that. But this post has saved my day. Kudos to guys who posted this!!
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