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  1. My earlier postings got me thinking about the Save to Google Drive extension and I just discovered that it not only lets you save it in a .PNG format but also gives the user the option to save page as: Image of entire page (.png)Image of visible page (.png)HTML source (.html)Web archive (.mht)Google DocumentI like the .HTML format better than the .PNG now!
  2. That's great if an image of the web page works for you. It would not work for me. I often need to edit the captured web page to add highlights, notes, and remove undesired content. The EN Web Clipper works well for me 95%+ of the time. Occasionally I need to apply the "Simply Formatting" to the Note after capture. This usually cleans things up quite nicely. Maybe 1% of the time I have to resort to a screen capture. @JMichael I agree with you screenshot is not perfect solution and won't give you an option to highlight or edit text. The way I do it is if I do need to edit specific content or need to save it for future reference then I simply copy and paste it into a Word file and make the necessary edits there and save it. Yes, it's more work but I only need to do this occassionally as mostly screen shot is sufficient for my needs.
  3. @csihilling I don't recognise that icon, it looks more like a triangle on my PC. I have done screenshot below for clarification. Here is a link to a write up on it if you anyone needs more details: http://mashable.com/2012/12/12/chrome-extension-google-drive/
  4. On my PC the screenshot only saves the viewing area of my screen. Many webpages are long and have to scroll down. The screenshot won't save anything that is not on the screen (as far as I know). This extension saves the entire webpage even the area not on the screen.
  5. I'm curious as to the solution you found for this! I'm never giving up my EN web clipper, but I'd love to know what other solution you found. It's very simple really. Google provide a extension tool that allows you to save the entire webpage like a screen capture in .PNG format with a touch of a button. You download it from the Google extensions for Chrome browser. Alternatively you can save the webpage as a PDF file. Problem I used to get with the EN web clipper was the format was messed up on some webpages that I used to save. I no longer have that problem now...
  6. Been 6 months since I left Evernote after many years of being Premium user. So I thought I'd quickly add a post because my annual renewal date has just passed and guess what folks? I didn't renew my subscription (no surprise there!). Just want to let you know that these days I'm using Google to manage all my data and the like. Everything that I used to do in Evernote, I now do it with Google products. It was hard at first and a bit frustrating to adjust because I missed the familiar functionality that Evernote used to provide me with. For example, the ease with which I could clip webpages to Evernote and the ability to tag notes. Not to mention everything done in one product as opposed to several products. But things started to get easier after a month or so of using Google. You have to stick with it long enough for new habits to build and replace the old ways of doing things. I found new ways of clipping webpages into Google Drive. And found out that I didn't really need tags because I could mimic the tag functionality using extra folders in Google Drive. And if I need to search something I find Google Search is more than adequate. I personally use the following: Google Drive to store all my contentGmail for EmailGoogle Keep for quick note takingGoogle Docs for all my Word, Excel, Powerpoint needsGoogle Calendar for appointments/events.I found that the best thing I could do with my existing Evernote data was to export it out and archive it on my PC (obviously creating back up on external HDD too!). And then to just start from scratch in Google Drive with notebooks being replaced by folders. If I ever need the old content then I can always do a search using my PC. Also some things can be transferred electronically using a on-line synchronisation tool (sorry can't remember the name but there is a topic for it somewhere here in the forums) that I did for stuff that I need constantly like receipts and bills etc... It's working great so far and now several months later I find it very easy to use this as part of my productivity system. And best thing for me is all this doesn't cost my anything! Google is free to use... One thing that I don't use Google for is my tasks because this (for me) is far too basic for my needs. So I use Remember The Milk for that and this is a very powerful task management tool that helps me stay on the ball with all my daily tasks. I pay for Remember The MIlk as I need it on my mobile devices so this is the only thing I pay for. Google allows me to do almost everything I could ever do in Evernote and for me the peace of mind of working on stable systems is a big plus. Finally, I just had a quick look around my Evernote Web account (I haven't logged in for 6 months!!) and it is almost still the same. It seems Evernote has not made much progress at all! Just as well I jumped ship when I did because if I sat around waiting for Evernote to make the change then looks like I would have been waiting a long long time or maybe Evernote will never make the change. All the best folks!!!
  7. I can't take this anymore... Evernote I am leaving you now! Bye bye... Why, you may ask? Well, it's a number of reasons and the main reason is obviously your new Evernote Web. I can't work efficiently using the new Evernote Web I'm sorry to say. Evernote your failure of making your Windows desktop client software bug-free left me with no choice but to rely on Evernote Web for my daily work. And now you come along with a new interface and you expect me to adapt with the new interface. No no no... Evernote I am the paying customer and you should make your software flexible enough for my needs but instead you make it rigid (unflexible) and forget my needs and focus on your needs instead!! This is not the way it works Evernote! Another gripe, Evernote not sure if you noticed but you have bugs in your software that have been there for years!! Have you bothered to fix them yet? No! Again you expect the customer to find a way around the bugs and adapt themselves around it. But you forgetting Evernote we the paying customers and are entitled to a quality product/service. Evernote I would have stayed with you for many years to come if only you listened and sorted out the buggy software and listened to my needs. But I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall. Every new update you released Evernote I started dreading it and was procrastinating on installing it because I didn't want to be introduced to new bugs! Evernote I have to admit you have potential to be great and are miles ahead of your competitors like MS Onenote. But Evernote your mission is changing and many people are not liking it. Soon, people give up and leave if they don't get what they want. It's a bit like a relationship that turns sour if you don't make the effort to keep it running smoothly. Sorry folks (forum members) for throwing a spanner in the works but I have reached my limit with Evernote and now time has now come to say ADIOS AMIGOS!!!
  8. My line of thinking was exactly like you csihilling and I wanted all my documents to be in one place and initially Evernote fit the bill perfectly. But as the years went by I became more and more frustrated with the amount of bug reports I had to keep sending Evernote. However, I still stuck with it and thought eventually things will get better and Evernote will sort out the bugs and it be more productive. Unfortunately, this day never came and I lost hope in it ever coming because with every new release there was always something not working and so this didn't admire me with much confidence. I could have lived with the broken reminders and use a different tool to manage them like AHK/PhaseExpress if it were not for the fact that I use Evernote on my Android phone and use it on the Web also so this called for a different syntax then what I use for my Windows client. And soon this became unwieldy for me to keep remembering to enter what search in what device to pull out the relevant reminders. And the killer was the fact that Evernote launched a new Web interface which led me to believe that the old Web interface would eventually die off sometime in the future as I can't imagine Evernote improving it any further then what it is already, especially now they have the new Web UI up and running. I personally, cannot work efficiently using the new Web UI. The reminders all worked flawlessly on the old Evernote Web and soon (in my opinion) this will be phased out. So all this pushed me to my limit. I mean there is only so much one can tolerate and I been very patient with Evernote over the years and been a premium subscriber from day one. I kept thinking Evernote will sort it out and soon it be mostly bug-free and I be able to concentrate on doing my work. But no, I guess I was wrong and Evernote never sorted it out - the reminders are still broken at least on the Windows client. I am tired now and have had to rethink my entire workflow. My dream of being able to do all of my work from one entity is still a dream I'm afraid. I guess it all depends on how much functionality you really need. And I for one was using reminders and reminder searches a lot and needed this to really work but it didn't. Sorry for the long post but you can tell how passionate I am about this subject of reminders lol. P.S. csihilling - don't know if you know already but you can actually drag the saved searches into the shortcuts area of the application and this is even quicker then using the F5, drop down, select search :-)
  9. I gave up on reminders after spending a lot of time finding workarounds. This was the main stumbling block for me and if Evernote bothered to fix it then I would have been very happy with Evernote. The best workaround I found was using AHK but again this meant I had to create scripts to make reminders work and I shouldn't have to do this. So I decided to go elsewhere for my task management. Not sure why Evernote haven't managed to fix this for years and let it go on for so long. A quick search in the forums and you see many users who experienced the same problems. Evernote if you reading this then I am disappointed in you for not fixing this problem and letting it drag on and on for so long! I am no longer using your reminders because of this. It's just too little, too late now...
  10. So I think I am seeing the Modus Operandi behind the new Web Based Client UI -- Evernote is no longer interested in our ability to retrieve information as its core use but to be a workspace for collaborative projects for corporations and small work groups -- that's great if you want a good Microsoft replacement but it's not what a lot of us use Evernote for. The 100 year company of information retrieval is gone. I am troubled and keeping my eyes open for the next company that wants and is interested in storing and meaningful Retrieval of MY information. Yes, I agree Evernote is definitely evolving away from what it used to be and going towards focusing on work. I think they trying to knock Microsoft Office into oblivion. They are moving away from what initially attracted me to Evernote in the first instance. And are now more concerned with how to help people do better work. I personally use Evernote for storage and GTD. But I am starting to worry about Evernote now as from the various media coverage out there lately about Evernote, they are heading in a different direction. Don't get me wrong, work is great and helping people to do high achieving work is cool. But this is not what attracted me to Evernote and I always thought of Evernote as a flexible application but now after their release of the new Evernote Web it is no longer flexible. And they starting to focus more on doing work like writing, work chat, presentations, etc. I am actually now contemplating departure because Evernote is moving in a new direction. It's a shame really because I been a loyal premium customer for few years and built up my confidence in Evernote. But they failed to keep up with what they first started out to do...
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I looked it up and it does look more easier to learn and user-friendly then AHK.
  12. Thanks a lot guys! I just tried this using AHK and it works perfectly in the current Windows Client. Now I can finally start using Windows Client again (before been using Evernote Web). Not sure why Evernote are not sorting this one out and letting it drag on for so long. I almost gave up on Reminders and was going to use RTM for that. But this post has saved my day. Kudos to guys who posted this!!
  13. Reminders are integrated into the top of the note views for the other clients that I use already (Windows, Android, old web client). I kinda prefer them that way, actually. They follow the current note filter. They're there if I want to focus on to-dos, but I can always collapse the reminder sub-list if I want to. They act like any other note, in that if you click on it, the note list slides to the left to make room for the note viewer / editor. Not sure what an appreciably better arrangement would be. Yes, I do like them this way too. But the point I was trying to make is since Evernote have completely redesigned Evernote Web UI I was kind of expecting a new reminder view maybe towards the right or left to make use of the extra white space. But I was a bit disappointed to see the same layout for reminders. I suppose Evernote like the reminder set-up like this too. I guess I was expecting something extraordinary with reminders since Evernote have already gone out on a limb with the new design.
  14. I just tried the reminders thanks to Jasopolk for notifying us. And I got to say I'm not impressed. What happened to reminders being a different blue font so they are easily distinguishable from the rest of the content? Also I don't like how the reminders are integrated on the top of the note view list and so much white space on the left and right sitting there all blank white! One other point I like to make is that Evernote should really add some colour to the new web interface. The black font and white space is just so bland. I had to turn the brightness down on my monitor because of all the white as it hurts my eyes
  15. I am not saying this just to rant, this industry is having a fair number of incompetent User Experience people driving software UI design who have the "religion" and they are on a mission to "minimize distractions" and "simplify". These people are akin to interior designers that don't think you should ever see a TV in the room, even if the purpose of the room is for it to be a media room. They know what's best for you and their artistic sensibilities are not going to be compromised for tasteless barbarians, they are creating something that is "beautiful" and "simple", you don't need those damn options! I know what you mean. I don't like clutter either, but there is a middle ground between clean for clean's sake, and busy with distractions. Look how clean and simple this room is. This triggered memory of the late Steve Jobs (may he RIP) and if I remember correctly he wanted everything to be white so to minimise distractions. I think in his book he mentions his house rooms were painted all white so to stimulate clear thinking!
  16. I think the current Evernote Web client is almost perfect in it's current state. This kind of layout is what attracted me to Evernote in the first place! Also, not sure if anyone noticed but there is a small gray arrow at the bottom in the second column (note snippet view) and clicking on this hides the the first column (notebooks and tags view) thus no more distracting notebooks/tags if anyone wishes to hide it. So how much more distraction free do you want to make it without sacrificing functionality? I think all Evernote need to do is improve the appearance a bit and make it more smoother and iron out some issues (for example, tags not updating without refreshing). Maybe take a page out of Google's book on their online apps and how smooth it is to work on them. Evernote you already have a winner. If it is more users you trying to attract then I think a different approach is needed not a complete transformation! Evernote if it ain't broke then don't fix it!
  17. I have had a change of heart about the new web interface now after thinking about it some more. I can see it is currently in BETA so there is a lot of missing features and functionality. However, once Evernote releases the full version I can imagine the benefit this will bring to the work flow, namely less distraction and a clear focus on the task at hand. I think Phil Libin might have a point about the old web interface being clunky. I just hope that once the new web interface is released it takes into consideration all the users who have expressed their concerns and Evernote designs and builds it so that everything is within easy reach (like notebooks, tags, saved searches, reminders, etc.). I feel the potential is there with the new web interface but the question is will Evernote get it just right? I hope so... Change can be good sometimes
  18. To be fair, I have a very hard time getting around the old web interface because it is SO different from the Mac interface. In order for me to effectively use the old interface without being confused, I would need to commit some time to learning its intricacies. So the need for users to spend some time learning one client or another isn't new as of the beta. I highly doubt Evernote will ditch the desktop clients. There is so little evidence to suggest that will ever happen, and there so much that can only effectively be done with the desktop clients. Their commitments to rewriting the desktop clients, things like "Context" which rely on client-side processing, and so on suggest that the desktop clients are in it for the long haul. If they were interested in phasing out the desktop clients, I don't think they'd be building out new features that wouldn't exist without them. ---- I'm not familiar with the Mac interface and was referring only to the Windows and Web clients. Be honest, I'm having a hard time trusting what Evernote will or will not do next. Because "crazy" things have happened! I never thought I'd see the day when Evernote Web would be give such a radical make-over that it no longer equivalent to its Windows client. This move by Evernote makes me really nervous about the forthcoming changes. Desktop clients may very well continue to exist. But what changes will we see in them that is the question. I hope it is for the good of everyone.
  19. That said, what some people refer to as weird white space, others find refreshingly clean, even Tufte-esque (Edward Tufte). The design goal of removing distraction is vital for any product these days. Stretch goal might be to cultivate productive focus. EN is an information storing vault. Productivity in this context is to access a lot of information in a short time. A list of notes divided by huge pieces of nothing, the way the notes / notebook list is out of view unless clicked, and the opening single notes in a new window does not help prodictivity, it hinders it. I'm afraid what we are looking at in the web version is what is planned for the desktop versions, too. That would be a terrible thing to do to us. 1) I half agree. I like a bit of white space to keep things nice and easy to look at. However, the Beta is a bit overboard in that regard and it looks... sparse. 2) I think Libin explicitly stated that the entire purpose of this new web version was to differentiate it from the desktop versions. That is, as per Libin's keynote, their original goal for the web interface was to attempt to feature-match a desktop client. However, as he stated, this worked poorly. It was technically challenging or impossible to do that effectively, and it wasn't an effective user experience. The beta is a reflection of a new direction, a new way in which Evernote conceptualizes the web interface as a totally discrete client from the desktop clients. The web client will, as Libin suggested, highlight the very best of what can actually be done effectively on the web. It will offer, as I interpret Libin's statements, a profoundly different experience from the desktop clients. We can impute, then, based on the desire to make the web client different, that this is NOT the direction in which the desktop clients will go (because that would defeat the idea of them being different). The desktop clients will continue to be developed to take advantage of the desktop context, so likely designed towards doing the heavier lifting and whatnot that is just a bit cumbersome or impossible in the web. So, I don't buy the argument that Evernote's going to transplant the web interface or something similar to the desktop. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw some design cues moving to the desktop clients for branding and coherence reasons. However I don't think the desktop clients will be simplified/streamlined/dumbed down in the same way the web will be. The main reason for me using Evernote Web is because the desktop client for Windows is buggy! So I am forced to use the web client for my daily Evernote work. I would be quite happy to use the desktop client solely only if it was bug-free. Unfortunately, Evernote does not have a very good track record of producing bug-free software. I've lost count the number of times I've had to send support requests to them reporting problematic glitches in the software. So the only thing keeping me going is the solid robust version of Evernote Web. And to be honest, I like the fact that it is the same setup as the the desktop clients. This means it is easier to learn and use should anyone need to use it when the desktop client is unavailable. If Evernote are truly going on this road of having a different layout on desktop clients and a totally different layout on the web. Then I can forsee many users becoming confused and this will require more learning time. Also many tips and tricks one uses in the desktop client will no longer be possible in the web version due to a different user interface. So to me this doesn't make sense to have different layouts. In my opinion (I maybe wrong), but I think Evernote might eventually abandon the desktop clients altogether and just focus on having a web version. The only problem with this would be the difficulty in backing up certain notebooks for private use or downloading notebooks/notes locally onto the PC. The other option, of course maybe would be to congruous all the software so that it works and behaves similarly.
  20. Evernote are saying the complete version is coming later this fall. So watch out for that!
  21. After doing some googling I get the impression the new Evernote Web is here to stay. Soon Evernote will be releasing the full functioning version of Evernote Web. Their thinking has changed and they now believe that a dramatic re-imaging is called for to make Evernote Web stand out more. Also there new design means Evernote Web is no longer a second choice to Evernote desktop. They changed the interface purposefully. It's not that bad I suppose as long as all the functionality comes with it that was previously present. For example, saved searches, reminders, etc. I think Evernote is making a bold move and taking a lot of risk.
  22. @actant: Reading your post sent shivers down my spine! I have personally invested a lot of time and effort in making Evernote my default product for managing my life. So if what you say is true then this is very disappointing because I would not want to see the day that this happens. All my workflow is based on Evernote. And after spending 30 minutes today trying out the new BETA I was not impressed. I get the impression that Evernote are looking to attract more users by simplifying and trimming down Evernote. I am assuming that most new users are not able to fully grasp Evernote in it's current state. But what will happen to people like me who been loyal to Evernote for years and paid subscription year after year and invested a lot of time into learning Evernote? Is Phil Libin thinking about people like us too? Hope Evernote reconsiders this new strategy!
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