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  1. I discussed this case 2 years ago. Just switched to notion.so now that they added an "import from Everynote" function. Such a RELIEF to get away from this buggy, slow mess and get a polished product.
  2. Holy s*t, did this trivial bug really take over a year to fix? (It's still broken in the latest non-beta version). The Everynote dev team must be having some SERIOUS management problems. The horribly broken search functionality and the slow development will make me switch to another alternative the instant I find something that works and syncs on web, mobile and desktop.
  3. We really need this feature. I don't consider tabs "bells and whistles", it's basic structuring of text. I could go without different fonts and sizes just to have this feature. Also, I can tell you right now it's not a technically difficult thing to implement, I can think of several different ways of achieving this, neither which would take more than a day or two for a skilled developer. Evernote, please consider adding tabs. Thanks!
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