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  1. Sdadell, Try posting your findings (like a list of all formatting that didn't convert over) in the Windows forum so that the Evernote team can see what can be improved in the future. Maybe someone can offer you some other suggestion too. I moved like, wow, thousands and thousands of notes and many notebooks from OneNote to Evernote. I haven't checked the formatting, though I did notice that everything that was supposed to be on a new line is on a new line. Even without formatting, at least all the stuff is now in Evernote. Good luck! (looking forward to your post in the Windows forum) Regards, Bes
  2. Thanks Peter! Yes, you've helped a lot. I'm trying this now daily to see if I can get used to it. Thanks for the reply too Owyn - I've divided my tasks into 2 types (one with a task per note and another with checkmarks and time-stamps) to see which one I get used to. Thanks! That's a very interesting idea, hmmmmmm. When you retag the notes - do you simply retag them with "@home" OR with something else? I'm trying to figure out how to separate completed tasks from active tasks. OR do you mean you actual put time stamps inside each note (each note = 1 task) and note on each such time-stamped line what you did related to that task? Thanks again everyone! 2012 ALREADY feels more organized than 2011! Regards, Bes
  3. Thanks J, Will read that thread and the comments more. I guess I don't have to worry about the learning part a lot? What I was thinking was if I can (and should) focus more on basically making sure the people I'll be leaving such info for know how Evernote works (by me pushing them into it) or if that's something I shouldn't focus on at all. Regards,
  4. Thanks for sharing! Off-topic question about having others join in on your Evernote way of life: is your husband into Evernote OR are you taking steps to make them understand Evernote more? Reason I ask is: my wife is that person for me (your husband for you), and I'm wondering if I should start pushing (lol) OR exposing my wife to Evernote more and more so that such things (and many other things death and non-death related) can be easily handled by her when anything happens? I hope that makes sense.
  5. Going back to the original post: based on the above tagging example, do you recommend a Stack and Notebook structure like this: Documents (Stack) --> Insurance (Notebook) I'm learning and understanding the importance of tags, and I also agree that it is the way to go. Gmail and online search is the same way for me and others: we type in searches now faster than clicking a label or a folder (except in Windows, where typing a search in the search box is sooo slooooow!). I would prefer a universal way of doing things that will last forever OR for a long time. I type searches in Google and Gmail daily, almost every hour of the day that I'm online, so doing the same (even with different interfaces) means I'm doing something on the same level on different platforms and learning it more. I see there are very strong schools of thoughts (at least 2 that I notice ) on these Evernote forums, and in the end, I feel like I can simply focus on learning and optimizing things more, from both schools, for a simpler way of working with Evernote and my life whenever possible. Regarding my question above about how documents and stacks should be, I'm trying to figure out how you all do it so that I can organize tags better with notebooks and stacks. I want to rely fully on search box to find stuff OR clicking something easily to organize things, though right now, I've not tagged anything (less than 100 or so notes with any kind of tags I think) compared to having many several stacks and notebooks. I'm an Evernote noob in terms of organizing Evernote with tags and other better methods (compared to all of you), and I feel like while I'm getting into the good habit of putting things into Evernote, I'm still working and finding out ways to organize my stuff better. Tagging seems to be the way to go: now I've to figure out how to organize my Stacks and Notebooks (and not overdo them) to make tags more prominent (while also having a folder system to look at the structure visually).
  6. Hey everyone, Just wanted to get some ideas of what you all have in Evernote. I'm spending so much time organizing now, and it seems I have many, many more things I can do (probably 98%+ more things!). I know I'm missing a lot of things - just from my few posts recently I learned a lot more than I had thought on my own from all your replies, so thank you! So basically I wanted to share and start a thread (sorry if there's one already there somewhere!) sharing what we have in Evernote (whether it's a copy in Evernote OR Evernote has the only copy) and what can be put into Evernote: Thoughts of the moment Blog post ideas Goals and plans Tasks and todos (like checklist OR things to delete/ignore once done) Business cards scans Magazine scans Pdf files eBooks (pdf OR the scary .mobi/.ebook format) Legal documents (scanned or direct) Paper Bills (bills you've already saved) Audio thoughts (audio you recorded to save) Serial keys (like Steam Game card keys or keys inside dvd boxes) Your resumes/CV Insurance info - Life insurance, health insurance, etc Death will, death wish, instructions to someone after you die, etc. Photos (something I have not tried yet, as I'm trying to figure out the logistics of this) Coupon scans for reference OR actual use (this is tricky, as even with 2011 ending, the number of stores accepting coupons on your phone is nothing compared to stores accepting paper coupons) Pay stubs Tax documents Work documents (w4, legal, important emails) Applications (resumes/CV you've sent to companies, universities you've applied to, membership groups you've applied to, etc) Travel Documents (passport copy, visa copy, etc) Travel tickets Ticket stubs (movies, concerts, events - I love movies, and am thinking a lot about whether to Evernote all my movie stubs, OR to keep them physically) Letters (yes, all your paper letters saved into Evernote) Photo of the moment (Noticed the "nd" in the "Wendy's" sign not lit up at night? Saw a Starbucks employee in Starbucks uniform drinking Peete's coffee? Evernote away!) Emails (copies) (This opens up a WHOLE new dimension and deserves its own thread - coming soon!) Chat logs (Gtalk, Skype, Live Messenger, Yahoo - again, a whole new dimension/area and more details coming soon in a separate thread) Personal/Daily Journal (the BEST personal journal in my view) Scripts, Manuscripts and more Microsoft Office documents (all those doc, ppt, xls and other files created/collected over the years) Text files Music backups (again, like photos, I'm thinking of how this will work OR if it's necessary at all - Crashplan OR Importing Folders may be better?) Holiday shopping info (links, things to buy, prices, etc) Could you please share the things you put in Evernote and what you think is possible with Evernote? It will really help me in realizing the possibilities even more. I'll update this original post with anything you all share to list everything possible. Thanks so much! Regards, Bes
  7. Thanks! This is something I think I've seen you and others recommend/mention a lot, so I'm going to start trying it from tonight and see if I can get used to it. What do you mean, exactly? I'm not sure whether I've posted this before, so here it is: I use a basic GTD-inspired-but-personally-tailored tag system that has worked far better for me than Zendone, Remember the Milk, or other reminder-focused programs. I have a few context-, priority-, and timeliness tags that I apply to notes as applicable. There's no need to share my specific tags here on the forum, but I'm happy to send screen shots to anyone interested. The takeaway, though, is just that I've found that, for me at least, one task per note is the way to go (with titles kept very simple, like "Email Jane about project X," and any related, necessary info in the note bodies), and the right tags grouped together under a "Tasks" or equivalent parent tag allow for instant and easy viewing of all tasks. Thanks for the reply! - By Zendone, I meant any kind of mobile website OR an Android app that took our actual Evernote notes and turned them into items/todo-list/entities to work on, while following all the guidelines and Evernote protocols, and while keeping all the Evernote information inside Evernote. - I was hoping for any kind of integration of any piece of information (aka tasks/etc) with Google Calendar. Snapcal is there, though it's not for Android and there's no online service I can think of, besides Zendone, that allows me to directly or indirectly connect Google Calendar with Evernote. - I really like what you and others are doing here: simple Evernote notes with tags to serve as tasks - I'm changing my actual life (literally) to Simplism (Minimalism?) to have at least minimalistic tools and methods available to do things I want. Evernote seems to be the perfect tool for me to allow me to be minimalistic when it comes to storing and managing almost any kind information. Zendone is extremely beautiful, though that's where the issue for me begins: it is too much work to simply create, process and do tasks, and it is yet another tool to manage and handle on top of everything I have. I want to make a task, look at it to see it exists, work on it, and then simply check(mark) it away to mark it done! - I use Google Tasks a lot right now with Astrid (Android), and am feeling strongly that I can eliminate those 2 extra tools/things in my life that I have to constantly think about (using Google Tasks and having Astrid) by having Evernote do one more thing for me: managing my tasks with some time related OR reminder OR sorting function. - I'm going to start doing (from tonight) what you, Owyn and others are doing here with your tasks and future date tips. I just have to unhook myself right away from how I'm used to Google Tasks and apps like Astrid, and have to start understanding and utilizing the Evernote tags and "Created Date" a lot more. Agreed. In fact, this is a specific case of a general principal. Lots of small notes with limited scope per note are in general better. Tags, meaningful titles, keywords, notebooks, etc. plus search makes it very easy to meaningfully group related items. Even if their relationship wasn't foreseen. Thanks Owyn, will start with that and see how that comes out to be. The simpler the system to do exactly what I want (even if it means I have to change a bit what I want to achieve the same result --> satisfaction and meeting my own tasks OR modifying myself to have better tasks OR thoughts), the better. I can see myself not worrying about so many different things I worry about every week now with Google Tasks and any tasks app. Here are some things (the minimum that I can think of) I have to constantly think about: 1 : Astrid on Android 2 : Astrid power pack extension to have a better widget 3 : Google Tasks in Gmail 4 : Google Tasks compatible extensions in Chrome 5 : Android Market updates to see if Astrid is still the best tasks app, or if there's something else that's better 6 : Trying Google Calendar with the Tasks (7 : Probably other things) Those are too many things to think about and consider just to have one simple tasks of having a task management system in life. Zendone looks beautiful and has direct Google Calendar integration, though again, it's more work than I think it can be, at least for what I want. Thanks again! I'll keep trying what you're all suggesting.
  8. Thanks, really appreciate the advice! Wow, hadn't thought that much yet. Thanks again! Will start planning and documenting something too. I've never cared about caring about others because of my death (strange feeling), and ever since I got married I've been thinking about it regularly: that's why this is like a new territory for me (making plans for something to help/etc someone else after I die), something a concept I laughed at and opposed when I was single. Thanks for all the info and advice! Whatever you all are saying is my actual blueprint at the moment.
  9. Thanks so much! Really appreciate it. Testing it now. Also, if possible, please let me know (Benson or anyone else) if you run into something similar that's online OR for Android. I'm away from my laptop a lot too and would love to do this and similar things on the go.
  10. Hey everyone, I've read several threads and understand completely that it's a good thing at the moment (or forever) that Evernote is not going to focus on being a more dedicated Todo list and/or Tasks organizer that does things like sync with Google Tasks OR remind us of overdue tasks or things like that. I had 4 questions related to todo and tasks lists please: 1 : Is there any app (Web OR Android), besides Zendone ( http://www.zendone.com ), that allows us to use Evernote to create, manage and work with todo lists and tasks or similar things? Google Tasks sync is of course nice (I use Astrid to manage it - just the app version), though since Evernote is handling all my information at the moment, I would like to use Evernote to manage tasks also and put everything information related into Evernote (and 100% willing to forget Google Tasks). 2 : One thing I may miss, if the above is possible, is using a todo OR tasks app with location based features (like remind me of a task OR a todo when I'm near some place). Is there something I can do in a similar fashion with Evernote directly OR through an app? Of course, this is not essential and I can definitely do this via Tasker on Android separately for such tasks/todo's if nothing like this is possible via Evernote. 3 : Is there anything else out there like Zendone? 4 : Can you please recommend any specific threads where I can get an idea of how all of you are managing your Todo and Tasks directly in Evernote? If that's the way to go, I'm going (and am very happy) to learn. Searching the forums now while I type this and going through different threads to see how all of you do it. Thanks for reading!
  11. Paul, a few things: 1 : Are you sending the email via Gmail or some other app? 2 : Does Gmail show you that the message was sent? 3 : Can you see the sent message in your Sent folder online (in Gmail or whichever email account you use on your Android)? 4 : Can you attach files directly from Gmail (or your other email client) on your Android and send files without issues?
  12. Thanks so much for that link! Looking at it now and will probably end up using that unless I can find something better. By LastPass master password, I'm assuming your actual LastPass login password that you use to log into LastPass itself, correct? (just making sure there isn't some Master Password sharing feature in LastPass that I've missed) This may sound strange, but I would definitely put a due date (or year) on such areas for myself in Evernote.
  13. Thanks Heather, that's good to know. By "centralized location", do you mean Evernote, something like Evernote, or something completely different? Making the Will, enhancing the shared notebook and LastPass is what I've to do then. I've never done a will before, so have to Google to find out how it's done through a lawyer and online. I ran into some online sites a year or two ago that allowed you to do all your will making online. Have to find them again! Thanks again so much!
  14. So far: 1 : Have a will stating what I want. 2 : Have a shared notebook sharing my will and/or other life insurance (and/or death related) stuff, info, etc. 3 : Share login access via LastPass. Thanks so much for sharing, and gives me even more ideas on what to store in Evernote. Very interesting how such topics are considered taboo in person in our society, yet when it comes to managing information related to it, people who look at it from an informational and acceptable perspective (or in such situations), this topic becomes something we must think about and handle like life itself. Hadn't thought about the shared notebook for this, thanks! lol, I wrote my post originally with my thoughts on death not being taboo to me, on how topic of death should be embraced, etc and then edited it down to what you see to make it more acceptable. Ok, so basically what the 2 of you are saying is to have a will to at least get started on this in the right direction: got it! Thanks. Brilliant. I use LastPass myself. Hmmmmm, will have to get that "someone" onto LastPass also. Thanks so much!
  15. I've been wondering: is there any clause or method in place to allow us, the Evernote account owners, to legally have our account access released to a single entity, who then requests it with official documentation, in case of our death? In my view, Evernote may be the most important asset I have online. It holds all my thoughts, noted feelings, goals, secret info, important info, and more. I'm trying things with it daily to improve almost every aspect of my life. It has all the information I think is important to my life. I would really like to have my Evernote account and all such information shared with one single entity (person or other) when I die. I read the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, and couldn't find anything on this. I know one way is to share my account login information with anyone I want right now, though I want to treat this kind of like a will and see if Evernote has something legal like this in place or may put a legal clause in somewhere to handle such things when they happen. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
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