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  1. Going back to the original post: based on the above tagging example, do you recommend a Stack and Notebook structure like this: Documents (Stack) --> Insurance (Notebook) I'm learning and understanding the importance of tags, and I also agree that it is the way to go. Gmail and online search is the same way for me and others: we type in searches now faster than clicking a label or a folder (except in Windows, where typing a search in the search box is sooo slooooow!). I would prefer a universal way of doing things that will last forever OR for a long time. I type searches in Google and Gmail daily, almost every hour of the day that I'm online, so doing the same (even with different interfaces) means I'm doing something on the same level on different platforms and learning it more. I see there are very strong schools of thoughts (at least 2 that I notice ) on these Evernote forums, and in the end, I feel like I can simply focus on learning and optimizing things more, from both schools, for a simpler way of working with Evernote and my life whenever possible. Regarding my question above about how documents and stacks should be, I'm trying to figure out how you all do it so that I can organize tags better with notebooks and stacks. I want to rely fully on search box to find stuff OR clicking something easily to organize things, though right now, I've not tagged anything (less than 100 or so notes with any kind of tags I think) compared to having many several stacks and notebooks. I'm an Evernote noob in terms of organizing Evernote with tags and other better methods (compared to all of you), and I feel like while I'm getting into the good habit of putting things into Evernote, I'm still working and finding out ways to organize my stuff better. Tagging seems to be the way to go: now I've to figure out how to organize my Stacks and Notebooks (and not overdo them) to make tags more prominent (while also having a folder system to look at the structure visually).
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