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  1. I'm sure this has been discussed but...... I can manually save my "enex" file and save it on my backup drive using my Evernote program. But I want to automate saving the "enex" as I do with all my data. I can't find the file so I can use my backup progie to auto back it up daily to another drive..
  2. What would that look like. I did look at Evernot "Import" and my only choice was "Evernote Export File" & "Microsoft One Note"
  3. I have my calendar on Outkook 2003 on my computer and save that as a "CSV" file and import it into Google Calendar as my backup. I thought having it as a calendar in Evernote would be a place I could view it from anywhere and also have my Outlook calendar backed up.
  4. I have a Google account with a calendar. I would like to be able to backup (import) that calendar into Evernote for safe keeping as a backup.
  5. I'm using Evernote Premium ver for my PC. Does it have access to my calendar and contacts? Was wondering because I am installing it on my Ellipsps tablet and it asked me for permission to access my calendar and contacts.
  6. I create a notebook and then I can add notes. Is there a way to add another notebook inside the first notebook? So I could have a notebook inside a notebook inside a notebook and also have notes in those notebooks.
  7. I have created, months ago, a personal signature on my Evernote e-mail ( "Greetings, Fred") and would like to change it but can't figure out how. So if I send myself an e-mail to thewolfe@evernote.com it has my "signature" at the bottom. I want to e-mail into my folders but don't want the extra signature to clutter up the note.
  8. Tried both links and the first one says "Not available for FF 6.1 and the second link says "This version is not compatible with your version......" Tried it with Chrome (which I don't use) and it works great. And doesn't work wit IE 11. Maybe I have something blocking it.
  9. The Clipper Ext when I try to install says it does not work with FireFox 45
  10. I have tried to setup through Clipper to search my Evernote with Google using Firefox. When I search for something I know is in my Evernote the search page comes up with the regular Google results and on the right hand side of the page It shows "Evernote" and under that it says "Web Clipper" and under that it says "Sign into Web Clipper to see results". When I click on that, it goes away. I guess I'm signed in since I can "clip" pages using the "elephant" in my tool bar.
  11. I was able to create a new "local" notebook and move my notes into it. Thanks for the posts.
  12. I have a folder that I want to have on my Evernote only on my local computer. I don't want it to sync on-line or to my other devices. I thought I had done it to one of my folders but not sure and don't know how to check.
  13. I keep a passcode lock on my Evernote on my iPhone and it keeps letting my into EN with out a passcode. I set it and then it allows access w/o pass code.
  14. Thanks for the posts. I starting to get a little streamlined with all my notes and reminders. Prob more questions to follow.
  15. Can I email to my reminders like I can when I email into folders. As in "Call Bob@To Do Tomorrow" in the subject line? "To Do Tomorrow." Would be a folder name.
  16. The problem I see, if correct, is that IFTTT with Siri only allows 1 word rather than something like "fix screen in the morning". I'm going to play around with it more to make sure Has anyone tried IFTTT to work with Reminders & Evernote with a phrase rather than one word? . I was thinking I could use Siri to send an e-mail to Evernote although the process is longer.
  17. I can add reminders to lists using Siri with my iPhone. I'd rather use Evernote. Is there a way to add reminders to Evernote using Siri?
  18. Good explanation! I know where my file is and I do use Revo. It seems to be working again but if it's glitchy I'll do as you've instructed. So thanks again.
  19. If I have to uninstall Evernote, when I reinstall and sign in, will all my notes be there? . Also, I backup the following file. How would I use that? C:\Users\XXXXXXX\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases
  20. Today, the alphabetical order is correct, Thanks for your help!
  21. I first changed the note to a "Z" and restarted and then afterward renamed the "Golf - Paul Kopp" to "Golf - Z" and restarted with no change.
  22. These Notebooks are old. At least a couple of months
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