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  1. I have an old laptop with Evernote but it's not deleting trash and not working properly. Any reason I can't delete Evernote from laptop and reinstall latest version?
  2. Answered my own question: However you cannot encrypt an image, like of a credit card.
  3. When I click on my notes the left panel on older version of Evernote 2nd panel shows info but 3rd panel doesn't show any info. There's a panel there but no info in it.
  4. Thinks for the advice. I have done all of the above and have gained some space on my phone which was my goal.
  5. Going to delete some notes. Will that help with space on iPhone?
  6. Is offline the same as "local"? And I did delete my Evernote from my iPhone and reinstall and it gave me a little more space.
  7. On e-mail? And is that connected to Evernote some how?
  8. DTLow, just saw your note so I'll uninstall Evernote from my iPhone and then reinstall Evernote. So nothing tricky, just uninstall as I would any other app and then reinstall. I'll get back with you, thanks.
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