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  1. Thinks for the advice. I have done all of the above and have gained some space on my phone which was my goal.
  2. Going to delete some notes. Will that help with space on iPhone?
  3. Is offline the same as "local"? And I did delete my Evernote from my iPhone and reinstall and it gave me a little more space.
  4. On e-mail? And is that connected to Evernote some how?
  5. DTLow, just saw your note so I'll uninstall Evernote from my iPhone and then reinstall Evernote. So nothing tricky, just uninstall as I would any other app and then reinstall. I'll get back with you, thanks.
  6. Just deleted a bunch of notes from my iPad, they were gone from my iPhone when I checked, but gigs on the iPhone storage for Evernote were still the same.
  7. I have Evernote on my iPhone, iPad and computer. My iPhone is getting full and it looks like Evernote is at the top of my list with 1.25 GB. My iPad has 1.6 GB. (should both have same data stored on it.) Is it possible to uninstall and reinstall Evernote from my iPhone and that the storage would then look more like my iPad (1.6 GB) storage? Next option if that won't help is to try to clean up my notes or by a new iPhone with more storage. Also, I assume that if I delete Evernote off of my iPhone, it would still stay on my iPad & Desktop computer.
  8. Well, I learned something new by making an mistake. Thanks for the info, I didn't know I could see notes offline.
  9. Yes, this an Evernote folder. I was working on my iPad and it is a folder that now shows a green down arrow. I was trying to add that folder to another folder that I already had created. It looks ok on my Evernote on my PC but shows the (down arrow icon under the folder title on my iPad folder. Just wanted to know if I can get rid of the icon and what it means.
  10. I'm sure this has been discussed but...... I can manually save my "enex" file and save it on my backup drive using my Evernote program. But I want to automate saving the "enex" as I do with all my data. I can't find the file so I can use my backup progie to auto back it up daily to another drive..
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