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  1. Great news about the fork! I'm sick right now so can't get to it immediately. Is it still AppleScript? I didn't write the original by the way - just found it and reposted it as a companion tool. Attachment processing would be very very cool indeed.
  2. Hi David It's great to hear that you find the script useful. The emails get moved to the Archive folder of a given mail account. Correct about the attachments too - and I'm not an AppleScript expert so it's hard for me to say that the script can be adjusted to do this - although I'm sure it is possible. thank you
  3. Hi There are a few tools around already to help send email messages into Evernote. The basic idea is simple; if you are using Evernote as your GTD or task tracking system, you want an easy way to throw emails into Evernote and get rid of them from your Inbox. Many of these tools require a third party application in order to set the shortcut key. I've written an Automator action for Mac that runs as a "service", which in normal peoples terms means you can easily set a shortcut cut for this in System Preferences. Here's a link to my documentation about it: http://goo.gl/WIXG3x This Au
  4. I'd like to obtain your feedback about software I'm creating that solves this conflict problem in Evernote. I'm the CTO of a software company and I use Evernote to store all my business ideas, development plans, suggestions and research information - and I share a lot of this with my teams. My conflict management solution will identify which notes have conflicts, and resolve these in most cases automatically, allowing you to preview the resolution before accepting it. In advanced cases, you'll be able to manually resolve conflicts using a UI - thus you will avoid using lots of time or energ
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