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  1. Great news about the fork! I'm sick right now so can't get to it immediately. Is it still AppleScript? I didn't write the original by the way - just found it and reposted it as a companion tool. Attachment processing would be very very cool indeed.
  2. Hi Nope. No relation to Pocket Informant. -- John Clayton CodeRage
  3. Hi, If you've been looking for a GTD solution that's tightly integrated into Evernote - check out Informant, it might be what you're looking for. What's it do? Informant automatically creates 'next action' lists within Evernote. All your tasks are sorted by priority and grouped by project, and Informant keeps the next action lists up to date if you change anything in Evernote. Informant provides convenient time saving shortcuts, and because everything is stored in Evernote you can access it everywhere at any time! The Big News - 25% Off! I'm really pleased to announce that Informant is going live with a bunch of great new features and improvements, which are detailed in my blog entry. If you feel like trying it out for 30 days; head on over to https://informant.coderage-software.com and register a free account. If you choose to buy a subscription - please don't forget the following coupon code - it should be entered into the checkout page and is valid until 21st of May. You can use it for both the monthly and yearly subscriptions. Your coupon code is: LIVE25 Thanks - I hope to welcome you on board, have a great day! -- John Clayton CodeRage Software
  4. Hi David It's great to hear that you find the script useful. The emails get moved to the Archive folder of a given mail account. Correct about the attachments too - and I'm not an AppleScript expert so it's hard for me to say that the script can be adjusted to do this - although I'm sure it is possible. thank you
  5. Hi My web app is a GTD solution that integrates very tightly with Informant. So tightly in fact that there isn't another web app, iPhone or Android app required - you drive everything from within Evernote itself. I recently submitted my app to the App Center and received a rejection, with the reason: Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately, we don't think Informant is the right fit for the Evernote App Center. I find the decision to exclude Informant from the App Center strange, especially considering there is a healthy market for GTD apps in the App Center - there's 3 other there already and that's just looking in the App Center. I’d like to appeal the decision not to include Informant in the Evernote App Center - does anyone have an idea of how to go about that? Here's what I found: Nozbehttps://appcenter.evernote.com/app/nozbe-to-do/web-appsWhich bills itself as a productivity app, with a focus on GTD and TODO lists - Informant also handles TODO's and focuses on GTD as it's main driving workflow. Zendonehttp://appcenter.evernote.com/app/zendone/web-appsAnother take on GTD this time with integration with Google Calendar - which is also something Informant provides in it’s Pro version FacileThingshttp://appcenter.evernote.com/app/facilethings/web-appsA web app that helps with GTD, planning projects and personal productivity. --Thanks John ClaytonCEOCodeRage Software
  6. Hi There are a few tools around already to help send email messages into Evernote. The basic idea is simple; if you are using Evernote as your GTD or task tracking system, you want an easy way to throw emails into Evernote and get rid of them from your Inbox. Many of these tools require a third party application in order to set the shortcut key. I've written an Automator action for Mac that runs as a "service", which in normal peoples terms means you can easily set a shortcut cut for this in System Preferences. Here's a link to my documentation about it: http://goo.gl/WIXG3x This Automator action is very specific (but can be easily changed if you know Applescript), it will: Use the currently selected emails in Mail.app to... Create evernote notes for each selected email and then... Move each selected email to the "Archive" folder of the appropriate Mail.app account, finally setting it's background to blue (so you know it was moved into Evernote)It's simple, but super effective - and one cool idea is that the Evernote note retain a link back to the original email message. You can download the Automator action, and install this by following the instructions here. Happy Evernote'ing! -- John Clayton
  7. I'd like to obtain your feedback about software I'm creating that solves this conflict problem in Evernote. I'm the CTO of a software company and I use Evernote to store all my business ideas, development plans, suggestions and research information - and I share a lot of this with my teams. My conflict management solution will identify which notes have conflicts, and resolve these in most cases automatically, allowing you to preview the resolution before accepting it. In advanced cases, you'll be able to manually resolve conflicts using a UI - thus you will avoid using lots of time or energy to export notes in order to fix the conflicts. I would appreciate knowing if you would use such a product, would you please be able to take another 2 minutes to answer the following questions? 1. Do you wish there was a better way to resolve conflicts in an Evernote note? (yes/no) 2. Do you wish there was a better way to share changes you make to your Evernote notes with those you are sharing them with? (yes/no) 3. What do you think such a solution is worth paying for - if offered as a subscription based service: 15 - 20 p/month10 - 15 p/month5 - 10 p/monthNothing4. What Evernote intergrations are you using already - mark all that apply:IFTTTHojokiZapierOther (please provide it's name): _______________________5. Why do you use the product indicated in question (4) above:___________________________________________________ I would like to thank you for the time you've spent answering these questions by offering you a free 1 year subscription to the product when it is released. If you wish to ask me any questions or provide further feedback, please pm me. Sincerely and with thanks, --John Clayton
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