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  1. I have been having this problem and it is getting worse and worse. I get spinning wheels and "not responding" at least once every 15 seconds. I often look up from the keyboard and see that I have been typing ahead of Evernote by a full sentence. There's nothing indicative of a problem in the activity log. Running on Windows 7 64-bit pro with 8 GB of RAM. Perfmon shows the CPU, memory, and disk utilization are no where near maxed out. Sometimes the only program I'm running is Evernote and it still happens. Performance began to deteriorate with the major release of Evernote that happened late last year (October? the release that introduced the new "flat" looking user interface). Scrolling became jerky. But the freezing problem is more recent. It is happening so often that Evernote is becoming unusable. It's too bad. My life is in Evernote. I used to recommend it to everyone. Now I don't.
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