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  1. Thanks for your answer. I knew about shift-return, and have often used it when making bulleted and numbered lists. I didn't know about the tab trick -- thanks! My main problem with lists is that they sometimes behave badly when you change THEIR indentation level, or modify the way the lists are nested. The symbols change and the numbers change, sometimes in truly surprising ways. So I avoid lists except in very short notes. It would be nice if there was consistency between the effect of tabbing inside a list and that of indenting.
  2. I write my notes on Evernote for Windows Desktop. I write long notes, and I structure the content using indentation. As a result, I am constantly reaching for the mouse in order to click the "indent" and "outdent" icons in the text editor toolbar. Are there keyboard shortcuts for these? I discovered that the tab key inserts four leading spaces but I did not find a way to subtract four spaces (I tried shift + tab, ctrl + tab, etc.). Using spaces for indentation is less attractive than the "hard" indent you get from the toolbar, but I'd definitely settle for it. My arm is getting tired of
  3. Another strong vote for "Search within note" in the Android app! As a student, I keep my class notes for each course I take in a single note (four courses = four notes). A single note typically runs thousands of lines. I create my notes on a laptop, but occasionally need to took something up on an Android tablet. Needless to say, scrolling through thousands of lines of text to find a specific detail is very frustrating. I have heard the advice "make lots of short notes instead of one big note." But then the problem would be that when I searched a notebook, Evernote would potentially com
  4. I have been having this problem and it is getting worse and worse. I get spinning wheels and "not responding" at least once every 15 seconds. I often look up from the keyboard and see that I have been typing ahead of Evernote by a full sentence. There's nothing indicative of a problem in the activity log. Running on Windows 7 64-bit pro with 8 GB of RAM. Perfmon shows the CPU, memory, and disk utilization are no where near maxed out. Sometimes the only program I'm running is Evernote and it still happens. Performance began to deteriorate with the major release of Evernote that happened
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