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  1. Since my original post, I switched to Microsoft OneNote. Paradise regained.
  2. I think it is time to bail out of Evernote. I have been a user for years. As a researcher, I spend hours a day referring to my notes and writing new ones. Sadly, the Evernote team has neglected the core functionality (note taking) in favor of flashy new features that grab headlines but aren't useful to serious note-takers like me. Meanwhile bugs don't get fixed. The editor goes from bad to worse. And now, serious problems with possible loss of notes and out-of-sync database. Sadly, as it says in the haiku, no one can hear your screams.
  3. Today I opened a note on the Windows desktop version of Evernote. The body of the note was visible for a moment, then disappeared, leaving the note empty (note title OK, but an empty note body). I checked for the same note on Evernote web. The note was completely intact. Since I needed to work on that note, I worked in Evernote Web (I normally use Evernote desktop). But a little later, I needed to refer to another note. But the note was missing from Evernote web (it's not even listed in the left-hand column of all notes). So I checked for the note in Evernote for Windows, and found it. I double checked; yes, the note exists on the desktop but not the web. In other words, Evernote web and Evernote on the desktop are getting out of sync, and the problem may be getting worse. Why is this happening? How do I fix this? I need to fix it quickly. I depend on Evernote for EVERYTHING. (Evernote Premium subscriber)
  4. Can you imagine what people would say if the back button on a browser took you to the the top of the last page visited? Would users look for a "workaround?" Or would they look for a different browser? Unfortunately, in the case of Evernote, there is no alternative, so we are stuck with it. Saying "for those who insist" implies that Evernote is designed for short notes. Whoever said that? Some of us think and write in more than "bite sized manageable chunks" and we're not going to change because of Evernote. Evernote needs to change because of us.
  5. Unlike many Evernote users, I make long notes. My notes are highly interrelated, and I frequently switch back and forth between them. Say I'm in note A and I need some information from another note. Since I'm not sure exactly which other note contains the information, I'll type a search string, find the note with the relevant information. Once I've found the information I'm looking for, I want to return to where I left off in note A. I use the back button, but it takes me to the BEGINNING of note A. I must scroll down to the context where I began the search. Often that's a lot of scrolling because (as I said) my notes are long! My suggestion is that Evernote remember the current context (line number and cursor position) when you leave a note, so that if you return to the note using the back button you return to that context.
  6. @gazumped Thank you for the pointer to ENRegEd.
  7. On Evernote for Windows, when I type a string in the search box, only the first two characters appear as I continue to type ahead. Evernote seems to be thinking very hard about those first two characters, rather than waiting me to finish typing the full search string. I'm guessing that Evernote does this to get a jump on results, but it has exactly the opposite effect. It causes me wait while Evernote retrieves a bunch of irrelevant results. But why do I wait? I wait because I have a bad habit of making typos if I can't see what I'm typing. If I don't wait, then when Evernote finally displays the full string that I've typed (with typos), the results disappear! Unless the look-ahead can be done at lightening speed (i.e., faster than I can type), it should not be done at all. Is there a way to disable it?
  8. Thanks for your answer. I knew about shift-return, and have often used it when making bulleted and numbered lists. I didn't know about the tab trick -- thanks! My main problem with lists is that they sometimes behave badly when you change THEIR indentation level, or modify the way the lists are nested. The symbols change and the numbers change, sometimes in truly surprising ways. So I avoid lists except in very short notes. It would be nice if there was consistency between the effect of tabbing inside a list and that of indenting.
  9. I write my notes on Evernote for Windows Desktop. I write long notes, and I structure the content using indentation. As a result, I am constantly reaching for the mouse in order to click the "indent" and "outdent" icons in the text editor toolbar. Are there keyboard shortcuts for these? I discovered that the tab key inserts four leading spaces but I did not find a way to subtract four spaces (I tried shift + tab, ctrl + tab, etc.). Using spaces for indentation is less attractive than the "hard" indent you get from the toolbar, but I'd definitely settle for it. My arm is getting tired of reaching for the mouse! If there are no keyboard shortcuts for indent and outdent, then please consider this a new feature request!
  10. Another strong vote for "Search within note" in the Android app! As a student, I keep my class notes for each course I take in a single note (four courses = four notes). A single note typically runs thousands of lines. I create my notes on a laptop, but occasionally need to took something up on an Android tablet. Needless to say, scrolling through thousands of lines of text to find a specific detail is very frustrating. I have heard the advice "make lots of short notes instead of one big note." But then the problem would be that when I searched a notebook, Evernote would potentially come up with hundreds of notes containing the search terms. That's even worse. Please implement this feature. Make it a premium feature if you need to monetize it. For me, this feature alone would be worth the price of an upgrade to Premium.
  11. @gazumped: I understand 100% the technical necessity of going periodically to the server to check the lock. I'm curious: Have you ever tried typing a long note in a shared notebook? Say, a note that takes several minutes (or hours, e.g., "my novel") to type? I suspect that Evernote is designed to cater to users who write very short notes and do so very quickly.
  12. I unshared the notebook. No more lags !! Jefito: Are you saying that the cost of sharing is unacceptable performance?
  13. I run Evernote on Windows 7. I have been having the same performance issues that others have reported. I may have found a clue. What do you think? I have one particularly long note that I update frequently. Sometimes I spend an hour or more working on this note. While I'm typing, Evernote goes into a state of suspended animation every 15 seconds or so. Sometimes the Windows title bar says the application is not responding. But Evernote always comes back and lets me continue typing. I checked the log (Tools -> Options -> General tab -> Open Log Folder) and I see the following 5 lines occurring roughly every 15 seconds! 23:05:22 [8148] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s61 23:05:22 [8148] 0% Retrieving note lock status for "Lightroom Notes" 23:05:22 [8148] 0% * guid={A30FABF8-26D3-4D38-B706-0B60FC568E4F} 23:05:23 [8148] 0% * noteUpdateSequenceNumber: 7524 23:05:23 [8148] 0% * viewingUserIds: (me) Why would Evernote need to connect to the server in order to check "lock status?" Is it because I am working in a shared notebook? If I un-share the notebook, will Evernote stop checking the status? And finally, the most important question: is this connecting/checking business what's killing Evernote performance?
  14. I have been having this problem and it is getting worse and worse. I get spinning wheels and "not responding" at least once every 15 seconds. I often look up from the keyboard and see that I have been typing ahead of Evernote by a full sentence. There's nothing indicative of a problem in the activity log. Running on Windows 7 64-bit pro with 8 GB of RAM. Perfmon shows the CPU, memory, and disk utilization are no where near maxed out. Sometimes the only program I'm running is Evernote and it still happens. Performance began to deteriorate with the major release of Evernote that happened late last year (October? the release that introduced the new "flat" looking user interface). Scrolling became jerky. But the freezing problem is more recent. It is happening so often that Evernote is becoming unusable. It's too bad. My life is in Evernote. I used to recommend it to everyone. Now I don't.
  15. Highlighting is so important to me that I'll sometimes type my text in another html editor (with highlights), then paste into Evernote.
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