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  1. I followed the directions to delete the Evernote folder from Containers and re-install. The result was that Evernote launched, immediately posted the nasty message, and when I tried to Force Quit EN relaunched itself! Eventually I noticed three different instances of EB in the Force Quit list. I checked and there has not been a new Evernote folder installed in the containers directory. WIll try that older version tht someone posted ... and will look into an alternative
  2. I did @maaly5 -- i had kept one in my downloads foldefr, but it had the same problem. That's why I think that the new version damaged one of the supporting files. I am totally perplexed as to why Evernote hasn't responded to this thread in some way.
  3. Same problem I tried installing the latest installer version (10.13.4...2607) but no change. So I went back to an older installer (10.6.9...225; dated Jan 25, 2021) and that now shows the same problem. This suggests that some internal file is trashed. I'm surprised that the Evernote folk have not responded, even to Premium members...
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