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  1. @PinkElephant Thanks for your reply. Do you know how to reach support for premium members? I have not found any email or anything that I can submit. That's why it ended up on here. This was a last resort. I do appreciate your suggestions, all of which have been tried at least five times. Unfortunately, no success on solving the problem.
  2. @madrikhDPG where did you find old versions to install? I think I need to do the same.
  3. I'm running Mac OS Big Sur 11.2.3. Whenever I try to open Evernote, it says, "Something went wrong on our end, sorry about that. Please try restarting Evernote." I have deleted the desktop app and reinstalled several times, so I know I'm using the latest version of the app. I have also updated my Mac to make sure it has the latest software. This does not happen on my laptop, on my desktop Mac. Anyone have any ideas on solutions to getting the desktop app to open on my Mac?
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