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  1. P.S. - The government won't let us put our work in any of the clouds. We can't use AWS, Azure, Google, nothing.
  2. I work in a high security area. My laptop is so locked down its barely usable as a computer device unless I'm on a company secured network. There's no technical reason why Evernote can't bring back local notebooks. They've had to do work to remove them. They made a choice and there must be an economic reason they did it. Just like Alexa. With current technology available, there's no reason they can't do local voice processing. There must be a reason Amazon sends all the voice clips they gather to servers in Romania which lacks data privacy laws.
  3. I mistakenly allowed Evernote to upgrade my copy of their software and I have regretted it every since. I can't use a product that removes control of my companies proprietary Data. Having access from multiple devices has zero value to me. Privacy and Security are the only things I care about.. I have had a subscription and depended on the Evernote application since 2014. I have to ask myself, why risk loosing a significant portion of your customer base by removing an EXISTING feature like Local Notebooks. The only answer I can come up with is they have realized the value of their customers data. They must be selling it. Maybe not any specific note or notebook, but by aggregating data about location, use, etc for other customers to add to their analytics. Thinks about that when you add a note with confidential data. If they don't add Local Notebooks back by the time my subscription renews (2 months), I'm not renewing. Easygreenus
  4. My employer is a technology company. They can't risk Evernote snooping through the company secrets in my notebooks, or Evernote setting that Data. Not in a nefarious way, but just selling general customer data. Many if not all companies have found that data about their customers is a very valuable asset. Or, what are the chances Evernote will get hacked? Or, they succumbed to Ransomware like that pipeline company? If all my notebooks are local, its on me to protect it. Easygreenus
  5. I agree. I can't keep company proprietary information in a notebook that gets pushed to public cloud where my company secrets could be exposed. I'll have to cancel my subscription. I've had an Evernote subscription since 2014. How can Evernote stay in business if they insist on alienating their customer base?
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