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  1. I think its concerning that this even crossed the mind of the decision makers at Evernote let alone was implemented. In what way is it a good idea to take away this choice from users?! The very fact that Evernote decided to remove this functionality is what calls into question how much we can trust Evernote now as a company to ensure the safety over our data in the future. Not only am I concerned by this indication of poor judgement but if Evernote goes under, or gets bought out, or seriously hacked, we are out of luck. It seems like pretty basic data management to NOT have your data stored in one place or though one party. Can someone please let us know if we will be able to somehow store our data locally in the future and not require internet access with the exception of syncing. Please do not offer as a solution the ridiculously limited exporting feature of 50 notes at a time. I'd like to know up-front because if Evernote has no intention of restoring this functionality (not to mention restoring so much of the perfectly good functionality that was gutted in this horrible upgrade), I'll have to unfortunately find another app for my notes. After using Evernote for 14 years and having to no problem with it during that time and appreciating how it helped me run my business and life, its really sickening to see something like this happen to the company. I wish I at least knew why.
  2. Totally agree, SOOOO frustrating that this has been requested as far back as 2012 and still nothing done about it. As a professional coach who has been using Evernote personally for over 5 years and who recommends it to about 50 clients a year, I'd say I have some significant contribution to the user base. While I love the product, I'm seriously considering looking at some other products out there and steering my clients in the same direction. Evernote really has to get on the ball with this feature request which I can say (as a Developer) could be implemented relatively painlessly.
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