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  1. Thanks for the link to advanced search. I read that both tag: and -tag: are supported. Is it possible that -notebook: could also be supported? Probably not, but would be helpful. Also, can notebook: also be used for stacks? Then if we move notebooks into the same stack we would be able to exclude the entire stack from search. Thanks for the reminder of other outstanding requests. I’m looking into what people have suggested before posting my own ideas Cheers!
  2. I switched to Evernote when I traded my Windows laptop for a MacBook back in 2009. On Windows I had grown fond of OneNote, and at the time, OneNote didn't exist for Mac. Now it does, and I'm seriously considering switching back. Reasons: formatting, drawing, add notes anywhere on a page, and PRINTING. It's sad that Apple hasn't provided basic print margin setup in its OS. Then the feature would be available to every app that allows printing.
  3. Moderators, if you know of existing ideas, please consolidate my request with others. This should be a general Evernote feature, though I’ve seen discussion topics in platform forums. Thanks!
  4. There have been numerous discussion topics started, and I tried to search this forum for an existing idea to upvote but searching the forums can not be restricted to a specific topic. Earlier discussions (attached) mention the design for the search index to search for beginning of strings to protect performance. However, many times we know partial patterns (like the middle or end of an ID number), and search doesn’t return anything. Such a search feature should be available, but require a check box or toggle. Then we could have a performant search AND a full character search available for use.
  5. I have Penultimate, Noteshelf, Noteledge, Notability, and Notes Plus. Of them all, I've used Notes Pllus the most, but the latest update really rewrote the UI. I paid for both the Notes Plus app and its $2.99 add on to convert handwriting to text. It does a good job of translating my scribbles into text. I also like how Notes Plus stores both the ink and the conversion, and lets me choose which to display. In the case of recognized text, Notes Plus lets me correct the text. Lately I've tried Notability because it was recommended by others. I like its interface too, and the fact it syncs notes between the iPad and its iPhone counterpart. Yes, Notes Plus isn't universal, so I can't use it on iPhone. (Correct me if I'm wrong). I would be happy if Notability could at least use Evernote instead of iCloud for storage. Maybe this comment is better suited to the Notability forum.
  6. Markdown support would require changes to the way the app worked, visibly. However, it shouldn't be that difficult to change the underlying code for how the friendly editor for each device renders or records the HTML structure. It's not like Evernote provides complicated features such as OneNote's "add anywhere" or "draw with ink". Of course, these features would be nice, but not part of Evernote's core feature set.
  7. What I meant by HTML is that I know that Evernote already stores notes as HTML. It would be helpful for the HTML to follow some structural sense. Markdown is a technique I would be interested in trying, but it's less of a priority in the realm of "what you see is what you mean" editing. But thanks for your support of the idea. I'm glad I'm not losing my mind.
  8. Note: This is not a complaint, it's an observation. I've sent notes through the support email, and haven't seen any changes. So I thought I'd post publicly to see if there were at least a few others who feel the same as I do about Evernote's hodge-podge text editing features. As a cross-platform application, I would hope that Evernote would at least syncronize the user interface between devices and operating systems. I've used all versions, but spend most of my time in iOS (iPhone AND iPad), Web, and Mac. I would say my primary use case is as a work log, brain dump, idea catcher, and anything else that my brain can't deal with right at the moment. So text formatting is NOT something I really want to spend my time fixing. To cut to the chase: Evernote should offer standard outlining structures, so that notes can be stored as structured HTML rather than font size changes. Four levels of headings, paragraph text, larger, smaller, bold, underline, italic, strikethrough, and colours. That would be nice. Oh, other features would be great too, but that's just icing. The iPhone has it sort of right. You can set up Sections, Subsections, and Paragraph text. That works for me. But the Web version. Ick. I start a note and it uses a "standard" font size which is perfect. If I paste stuff from other applications into my note, the font sizes are all out of whack. So I select the text and set it to font size 10pt. Too small. Well, then, font size 12pt. Too large. Why isn't there a "standard font size" selection? I've got more to say, but I'd rather this be a discussion than a monologue. Help!
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